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Zhengzhou City starts futures trading on ferroalloy in Henan

Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Zhengzhou City in Henan announced the futures trading on ferro silicon and silico manganese started on August 8. Ferroalloys meant for the domestic market are intended, and the benchmark prices per ton for ferro silicon and silico manganese are set to be CNY 6,000 and CNY 6,650 respectively.

The City of Zhengzhou is a leading domestic hub commodity exchange place for trading plural ferroalloys, which Erdos Metallurgy Company Limited, Kingray New Materials, Science & Technology Company Limited, Xiangtan Electrochemical Scientific Limited and top class producers of ferro silicon and manganese containing ferroalloys have participated in.

Although the futures trading on ferroalloys took place at Tianjin Ferroalloy Exchange in the past, it could not take a hold because the number of kinds of items intended for trading was limited and many of them were meant for export.

Source – The TEX Report


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