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What aspects should be paid attention to in the packaging and transportation of stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel pipes should have different forms of packing according to their product type, finish, size and transportation mode. Because the stainless steel pipe is usually the pipe, the pressure pipe, the mechanical pipe and the decorative pipe, and the stainless steel pipe can be processed, annealed and pickling, cold working, grinding and polishing and decorating, so the size and the processing luminosity of the stainless steel pipe are very complex, so it should be especially injected in order to purchase order. The corresponding packing, marking and shipping methods. If there is doubt about some shipping methods, we must do well in communication work.
Stainless steel pipes are often packed, transported by bags, boxes or protective containers. The outer diameter of the stainless steel pipe with a size larger than 6 inches can be transported either in bulk or in packaging, or without packaging and transportation. The best packing method is determined by length size, outer diameter, wall thickness, finish and transportation. Most of the polishing pipes are packed in wooden boxes or other suitable materials.
It is necessary for a stainless steel pipe to be bundled, because when the stainless steel pipe is transported, the amount of the pipe may lead to the risk of bending, extrusion or distortion during the handling of the pipe. In addition, some other auxiliary measures are required. Bales are usually fixed with flat steel ribbons, but other suitable materials can also be used. The number of fixed nodes depends on the length and weight of the bales.
Some stainless steel pipes may have special smoothness requirements, special orders, special modes of transportation, or other factors. In this case, special containers are required to be prepared, such as paper pipes, cartons, wooden cases, or similar containers.
During the transportation process, stainless steel pipes must be protected and covered. But if the outside diameter or inner diameter surface is the key feature, the protective cloth will be added to the railway transport equipment, and the waterproof cloth will be added to the truck. A certain degree of dirt and oxide is permissible, whether it is no coating, or galvanized pipe, or a non spray pipe, or a pipe that is sprayed with a non dry oil coating.
Many ordinary stainless steel pipes are transported by unprotected open wagons. In addition to the mess outside, stainless steel pipes are usually kept neat, and there is no need to prepare separate items for shipment. Fixed or separated stainless steel pipes can be transported into cargo, separated into a certain size and quantity, requiring additional handling and materials. Adding stainless steel pipes to a closed truck or truck requires extra handling, and a small stainless steel pipe with a small size can also have extra labor costs.
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