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U-bolts are also called U-shaped wire, U-shaped bolts, U-shaped pipe clamps, mostly used for pipe installation and fixing, u-shaped bolts, that is, horse-riding bolts. The English name of riding bolts is U-bolt, which is a non-standard part and has a U shape. Therefore, it is also called U-bolt. The two ends are threaded and can be combined with the nut. It is mainly used to fix tubular objects such as water pipes or sheets, such as the leaf spring of a car. Because the object is fixed like a person riding on the horse, it is called For riding bolts. The two ends are respectively composed of a hanging ring and a threaded rod, and a U-shaped fitting connected to the tower.
U-bolts are widely used, mainly for construction and installation, mechanical parts connection, vehicle ships, bridge tunnels, etc. Main shapes: semi-circular, square right angle, triangle, oblique triangle, etc.
1. Material properties Density, flexural strength, impact toughness, compressive strength, modulus of elasticity, tensile strength, temperature resistance, and color are determined according to the use environment.
2. The material is commonly used carbon steel Q235A Q345B alloy steel stainless steel and so on. Among them, stainless steel has 201 304, 321, 304L, 316, 316L.
3. The national standard for u-type screws: JB/ZQ4321-1997
4. U-shaped screws are divided into carbon steel Q235, Q345 alloy steel, stainless steel 201 304 316, etc., which is the difference between carbon steel and stainless steel.
There are many sizes of u-screws, u-type screws have many standards, and there are many non-standard parts according to the drawings, so u-type screws are too large in size.
Regarding the description of U-bolts, most people say a few points or a few inches. The size mentioned here refers to the nominal diameter of the fixed pipe, which is DN.

Common u-type screw size:

  • 4 points == DN15 = = inner diameter 20mm
  • 6 points == DN20 = = inner diameter 25mm
  • 1 inch == DN25 = = inner diameter 32mm
  • 1.2 inch == DN32 = = inner diameter 40mm
  • 1.5 inch == DN40 = = inner diameter 50mm
  • 2 inch == DN50 = = inner diameter 63mm
  • 2.5 inch == DN65 = = inner diameter 75mm
  • 3 inch == DN75 = = inner diameter 89mm
  • 4 inch == DN100 = = inner diameter 120mm
  • 5 inch == DN125 = = inner diameter 140mm
  • 6 inch == DN150 = = inner diameter 175mm
  • 8 inch == DN200 = = inner diameter 219mm

Conversion between different descriptions in use and procurement
1. This refers to the size of the unit and the specification of the unit when purchasing the specification. The first step is to convert the inch into millimeters 1”=DN25. After the unit conversion, the outer diameter of the steel pipe corresponding to the engineering diameter should be found.
2. In the same way, when you get a U-bolt, you can find the value of the corresponding tube outer diameter by measuring the inner diameter value. Check the standard to know the nominal diameter and then convert the millimeter into inches.
Source: China U-bolts Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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