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The differential method of pipe bend

The real authentic pipe bend: has the following characteristics

1, material surface smooth level off, shiny, shiny, no grain.

2, profiles, small surface has the conch brand special protective film, protective film text clear, regularly.

The pressure on the reverse of the 3, profile code identification, clear regularly.

4, profile geometry size to meet the standard requirements. Corners around geometry, vertical profiles of 90 degrees.

5, profile steel straight, smooth and no bubble chamber, dress into a dedicated line steel.

6, profile thickness distribution uniform standard thickness and no obvious uneven phenomenon.

7, profile destruction test shall comply with industry standards, no crack, no bubbles, bending within a certain length, elastic.

Second, the fake and shoddy pipe bend features:

1, fake profile surface rough lacklustre, yellowing, uneven, such as grain.

2, profiles of protective film on the word is not clear, fuzzy, not in conformity with really protective film clearly. Words don’t gauge, color is unknown.

3, the pressure code label on the material irregularly.

4, profile geometry distorted, geometric size tolerance, profiles the four standards of less than 90 degrees.

5, section thickness obviously slants thin, less than 2.00 mm, the thickness can not meet the national standards, easy to fracture.

6, profile destruction test, brittle broken, poor heat resistance, bending fracture easily.

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