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The corrosion resistance and pressure resistance of the plug pipe fittings By yaang.com

plug pipe can withstand high pressure, it is connected with the main parts of the pipe, it can be used in different forms, different connection types, they are not the same as the level of pressure, the type is many, there are different angles of elbow, there are four, three and so on, but the production of each pipe is standard, we come to the specific understanding of.
First, the purpose and characteristics of the plug pipe
The material of the plug pipe is carbon steel, stainless steel, etc. many of the pipe fittings for oil, natural, construction and many other industries, it does not need to pipe billet raw materials, production is simple, the process is also very good operation, can save the cost of pipe equipment, and the cost of the mold, it is only in accordance with the provisions of the project to repair.
Second, to do a good job in the inspection work
Its technology is based on its geometry and process characteristics, it is the structure of the mold and the shape of the plug pipe is a great link in the use of the process must be regular inspection, it has no corrosion, corrosion is any pipeline will occur, if once found corrosion, to ensure the normal operation of the pipeline, according to the correct way to check.
Third, the material and the characteristics of the plug pipe
Elbow pipe fittings and other materials elbow is different, it’s inside a number of chemical substances will make elbow surface long time of not rusty, not easy to be corroded, it’s a lot of material, such as carbon steel, alloy steel and so on, the price is very cheap, the use of a large number of alloy steel elbow is used to limit.
Fourth. The difference between the plug pipe and carbon steel tube
The main difference is that the material is not the same, the elbow is better than the carbon steel elbow corrosion resistance, especially stainless steel elbow it is not easy to be corroded, because it is very small carbon content, mainly high chromium content. The service life of the socket elbow is very long, and the service life can be reached for several decades.
plug pipe fittings are good, it can prevent the ultraviolet ray, prevent radiation, it can let the product will always be true color, has a good corrosion resistance, it can resist many chemical substances, not afraid of acid, alkali, will not rust and breeding bacteria, not afraid of electrochemical corrosion.
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