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Ten ways to remove burrs (quality of metal burrs)

Burr is found in metal casting, milling or electroplating process. The surface of metal pipe fittings are fine or tiny metal particles. The appearance of burrs will greatly reduce the quality standard of metal pipe fittings, so we should try to prevent them or try to remove burrs. There are ten simple ways to deburr.
Artificial deburring
The operator uses tools such as files, sandpaper, grinding head and so on to polish the workpiece and remove the burr. This method is not very high in technical requirements for workers, with small burrs and simple product structure, so it is also a common method to remove burrs in general enterprises. The file is divided into two kinds: artificial file and pneumatic file. The cost of artificial file is more expensive, the burr efficiency is not very high, and it is difficult to remove complex cross holes.
Die deburring
The burrs are removed by making punch and punch press. It is necessary to make rough die and fine blanking for stamping burrs, and it may be necessary to make plastic moulds. For the simpler products, the efficiency and effect of burr removal are better than manual methods.
Grind and deburring
Grinding deburring is a way to remove burrs by means of vibration, sand blasting and roller. It is widely used by enterprises. The problem of grinding burrs is that sometimes removal is not very clean, and may require subsequent manual processing or other way to burr. This method is suitable for large quantities of small pieces.
Frozen deburring
This is the way to make burr quickly embrittlement and plunge projectile to remove burrs by sudden drop in temperature. Frozen deburring is suitable for products with smaller burr wall thickness and smaller workpiece. The price of the whole set of equipment is not low, about RMB 2.3 million yuan.
Hot detonating deburring
Hot detonating deburring is also known as heat energy deburring, explosion deburring, this is some easy gas, into a equipment furnace, and then through a number of media and conditions, the gas exploded in a flash, using the energy produced by the explosion to dissolve the burr removal method. The equipment required by this method is expensive, and it usually reaches more than RMB million yuan, and the requirements for operation technology are also very high. The efficiency of removing burrs is low, and it also causes rust, deformation and other side effects. Thermal explosion burr removal is mainly used in some high precision parts and components, such as automotive and aerospace precision parts.
Engraving machine deburring
With the engraving machine to remove the burr on the workpiece, the equipment is not very expensive, usually only tens of thousands of yuan, suitable for the removal of simple space structure, simple and regular burr position.
Chemical deburring
Chemical deburring is the process of automatically and selectively removing burrs from parts made of metal materials by means of electrochemical reaction. It is suitable for internal burrs which are difficult to remove, especially suitable for removing small burrs on pump body and valve body.
Electrolysis deburring
The method of removing burrs from metal pipe fittings by electrolysis. This method has some side effects, because the electrolyte is corrosive, and the burr is also affected by electrolysis. The surface will lose its gloss and even affect the dimensional accuracy. Therefore, after deburring, the workpiece should be cleaned and rust treated. This method is suitable for the removal of burrs of the cross hole or complex parts of the parts. The production efficiency is high, and the operation only takes only a few seconds to dozens of seconds in one operation. It is suitable for removing burrs, such as gear, connecting rod, valve body and crankshaft oil hole, and so on.
High pressure water jet deburring
This is the way to remove burrs and flashes by using the instantaneous impact force of water, and at the same time, achieve the purpose of cleaning. This set of equipment is expensive, mainly used in the car’s heart part and the hydraulic control system of construction machinery.
Ultrasonic deburring
The propagation of ultrasonic waves can also produce instantaneous high pressure, which can be used to remove burrs on parts. This method is of high precision and is mainly used to remove some microscopic burrs which can only be observed by microscope.
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