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Making hole processing stainless steel lap joint stub end

Yaang’s fitting product of stainless steel lap joint stub end, on the hole processing method is: technology and materials. If you would know of stainless steel lap joint stub end hole method also depends on the surrounding of the hole, ...

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Stainless steel flange processing efficiency will be increased by 50%

For stainless steel flange plane milling, the milling efficiency and service time are the decisive factors in the economic impact of a compromise. Have a kind of mixing equipment company, to test the process of machining, can find a significant ...

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Processing method of stainless steel stamping elbow by yaang.com

Processing method of stainless steel stamping elbow has a good variety. Many also belongs to the category of processing machinery, use is the most pressing, forging method, roller processing method, rolling rolling method, abscesses, tensile test, bending method, and the ...

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The production process of seamless elbow by yaang.com

Rolling seamless elbow materials are tubular billet, round tube embryo through cutting machine cutting the growth degree of billet is about one meter, and the conveyor belt to the furnace heating. Billet are fed into the furnace heating, the temperature ...

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The head size reducing process by yaang.com

Concentric reducer should not have crack, double skin appearance, wall thickness should be greater than the big diameter end section of the wall thickness. Roundness of eccentric reducer should not be greater than 1% of the corresponding end diameter, and ...

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The advantages of cold pressing stainless steel elbow by yaang.com

Now stainless steel elbow in general, and as most of the carbon steel elbow is also pushing production system, though the production rate and quality of elbow push system has a good guarantee, but also there will be problems, but ...

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How to test the flange by yaang.com

How to test the flange 1, the appearance of flange inspection 1-1, forging flange surface should be smooth, can not have forging scars, defects such as cracks. 1 to 2, flange machining surface can not have burrs, harmful scratches and ...

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The production process of carbon steel elbow by yaang.com

The design and manufacture of carbon steel elbow must be considered when the hardness of the carbon steel elbow, so how to improve the hardness of the carbon steel elbow, through research we found that the carbon steel elbow to ...

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How to identify the material of elbow by yaang.com

Sulfuric acid immersion stainless steel elbow test can put 302 and 304 and 316 and 317 distinguished. The sample cutting edge through fine grinding, and then the concentration of 20~30%, temperature of 60~66 nitrate (accounted for 1.42) in the cleaning ...

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Stainless steel pipeline installation technology by yaang.com

General rules for stainless steel pipeline 1 check the quality of each part of the piece, do not meet the requirements should be timely treatment, prevent the unqualified parts for the system. The use of nylon sling should be 2 ...

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