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Types, classification, quotation and characteristics of commonly used stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel pipe is a kind of hollow long steel. which is used as a pipeline for conveying fluids. such as oil. natural gas. water. gas. steam. etc. In addition. when the bending and torsional strength are the same. the ...

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The production process of seamless steel pipe

Production process of seamless steel pipe The production process of the general seamless steel pipe can be divided into two kinds of cold drawing and hot rolling. The production process of cold rolled seamless steel tube is generally more complicated ...

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How to identify poor quality seamless steel pipe

Due to the excellent performance of the seamless stainless steel pipe, the use of the stainless steel pipe is very popular and the price is very reasonable. Therefore, in the downstream spot market, there are sometimes fake stainless steel seamless ...

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Effect of molybdenum element in stainless steel welded pipe

Molybdenum is mainly used in iron and steel industry, generally more than 80% is added to the molybdenum in steel, only about 20% to produce metal molybdenum, molybdenum alloy, super alloy and special chemical products, they are mainly used in ...

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Types and differences of welded pipe

Welded pipe, also known as welded pipe, a large number of stainless steel plate or stainless steel band after bending forming, and then processed, welded and manufactured. These welded pipe can be divided into longitudinal welded pipe and spiral welded ...

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According to the field of application of different, what is the classification of welded pipe?

Welded pipe is mainly used for conveying water, sewage, gas, air, heating steam and other low pressure fluid and other purposes. According to the different application areas can be divided into: wire casing, automotive pipe, transformer tube, welded thin-walled tube, ...

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How to maintain the stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipe in the modern industrial production and life, more and more people are used to investigate the main reason is that the characteristics of stainless steel welded pipe, it is more convenient to use, but also economic ...

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Selection of five factors to consider stainless steel pipe

When selecting stainless steel welded pipe in the corrosive environment, in addition to deal with the working conditions of stainless steel welded pipe has a detailed understanding, also need to consider the main factors are: stainless steel welded pipe corrosion ...

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Problems in the processing of stainless steel welded pipe

Problems in the processing of stainless steel welded pipe products 3.1 weld defects: weld defects are more serious, the use of manual mechanical polishing processing method to make up, resulting in the grinding marks, resulting in uneven surface, affecting the ...

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Seamless steel pipe, hot tension reducing mill steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe what’s the difference between the three of pipe

Seamless steel pipe market competition at present, due to the limitation of its production process, the production cost of seamless steel tube has been high, resulting in the gradual decline in its economic benefit. As China’s metallurgical industry technology progress, ...

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