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Selecting Steel Tubing Materials for Power Generation Heat Exchangers By yaang.com

A power plant engineer has many choices when selecting steel tubing materials for his condenser, feedwater  heater or balance-of-plant application. The wide variety of stainless steel choices available (ASTM lists  over 75 alloys) gives the engineer greater flexibility to choose ...

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US Says: It Will Impose Duties On Steel Pipes From 8 Countries

A worker at a steel product shop in Seoul, South Korea. Steel pipes and tubes from the country will face increased import costs.

The Commerce Department declared Friday that South Korean steel companies and those in seven other countries were illegally dumping low-cost steel pipes and steel tubing into the American construction market and would be subject to additional duties. The decision, subject ...

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A tube, or tubing, is a long hollow cylinder used to convey fluids (liquids or gases). precision steel tubes The terms ‘pipe’ and ‘tube’ are almost interchangeable, although minor distinctions exist — generally, a tube has tighter engineering requirements than ...

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