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Analysis of the basic causes of steel pipe fracture

There are thousands of varieties of steel pipes used in various industries. Each steel tube has a different trade name for its different properties, chemical composition or alloy type and content. Although the fracture toughness value greatly facilitates the choice ...

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Main quality defects of heat treatment of steel pipes

The quality problems caused by heat treatment of steel pipes are mainly reflected in several aspects (performance, organization, defects, size, surface, etc.). 1 Performance and organizational issues Performance and organization issues, depending on the composition and original state of the ...

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How to choose steel pipe?

Steel pipes are a very important building material, whether it is transporting fluids and powdered solids, exchanging heat, making mechanical parts and containers, manufacturing building structures, pillars and mechanical supports, or seeing home furniture. Steel pipes of various materials. What ...

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Five questions about steel pipes

1. How to classify the defects and quality of finished steel pipes? Defects and quality problems of finished steel pipes are checked according to their inspection methods. 1) the chemical composition found in chemical analysis is not qualified. 2) the ...

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A brief introduction to the inner and outer diameter micrometer of steel pipes

The outer diameter micrometer and inner diameter micrometer are the most used in the production and inspection process of steel pipes, precision steel pipes and seamless steel pipes. Today we will talk about the inner and outer diameter micrometers. 1. ...

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Welding method of long-distance pipeline

Long-distance pipeline welding method: First, manual welding (1) Arc welding of electrodes is sensitive and cumbersome, and has strong conformability. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of electrode performance, its deposition efficiency and mechanical properties can still ...

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A brief introduction to the production process of steel

The basic production process of iron and steel is to first obtain iron ore and coking coal and then to convert them into pig iron in an ironmaking blast furnace; the next step is to use pig iron as raw ...

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What should be paid attention to in the process of storage and transportation of stainless steel pipes

When the stainless steel pipe is packed and transported, it is necessary to act according to scientific and reasonable rules to maximize the integrity of the stainless steel pipe in the course of travel. The following are the rules of ...

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Use of duplex stainless steel welded pipe

Now with the continuous development of the chemical industry in China, use of duplex stainless steel welded pipe is also increasing, the annual demand for Chinese duplex stainless steel tube in the rapid growth, and in the oil, urea and other industries ...

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The steel industry overcapacity has always been a time bomb

Despite China’s signal to reduce its excess steel production capacity, industry executives said, the country has declared a “war” metal, has produced a “devastating” to the rest of the world industry. The steel industry overcapacity in recent years has been ...

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