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Solution treatment of stainless steel seamless pipe

The stainless steel seamless tube is softened by solution treatment. Generally, the stainless steel seamless tube is heated to about 950 to 1150 ° C for a period of time, so that the carbide and various alloy elements are sufficiently ...

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Channel steel theoretical weight table and channel steel specifications

Channel steel is the most commonly used type of steel in engineering construction. Like angle steel, they are mainly used for corrosion resistance and weight requirements. The theoretical weight calculation of channel steel is also a basic knowledge that engineers ...

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Analysis of the basic causes of steel pipe fracture

There are thousands of varieties of steel pipes used in various industries. Each steel tube has a different trade name for its different properties, chemical composition or alloy type and content. Although the fracture toughness value greatly facilitates the choice ...

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Main quality defects of heat treatment of steel pipes

The quality problems caused by heat treatment of steel pipes are mainly reflected in several aspects (performance, organization, defects, size, surface, etc.). 1 Performance and organizational issues Performance and organization issues, depending on the composition and original state of the ...

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Online normalization process of steel pipe

Online normalization is a heat treatment process developed in recent years, namely deformation and normalization. It is a steel pipe after rolling the continuous rolling pipe, cooled to a recrystallization temperature on a cold bed, and then reheated the furnace. ...

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High frequency welding technology for straight seam steel pipe

Straight seam high frequency welded steel pipe has the characteristics of relatively simple process and fast continuous production, and is widely used in civil buildings, petrochemical industry, light industry and other departments. It is used for conveying low pressure fluid ...

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The production process of seamless steel pipe

Production process of seamless steel pipe The production process of the general seamless steel pipe can be divided into two kinds of cold drawing and hot rolling. The production process of cold rolled seamless steel tube is generally more complicated ...

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Analysis of the phenomenon of “white ring” in GH536 alloy tube

GH536 alloy is a kind of nickel based superalloy with high iron content, which is mainly reinforced by solid solution of chromium and molybdenum. It is suitable for the manufacture of aeroengine flame tube, combustor component and other high temperature ...

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Question and answer to the most complete heat exchanger technology

1. how can the heat exchange equipment be classified? Answer: can be divided into: (1) tube shell heat exchanger (2) casing heat exchanger (3) water immersion heat exchanger (4) spray heat exchanger (5) rotary (snake tube) heat exchanger (6) plate ...

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Five questions about steel pipes

1. How to classify the defects and quality of finished steel pipes? Defects and quality problems of finished steel pipes are checked according to their inspection methods. 1) the chemical composition found in chemical analysis is not qualified. 2) the ...

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