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Professional noun explanation: PN, PS, PT

Pn on behalf of the nominal pressure, is steel elbow product under the reference temperature said crushing strength, is the production of steel pipe and accessories of the strength of the standard. Such as nominal pressure for 2. SMPa, can ...

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The production process of carbon steel elbow by yaang.com

The design and manufacture of carbon steel elbow must be considered when the hardness of the carbon steel elbow, so how to improve the hardness of the carbon steel elbow, through research we found that the carbon steel elbow to ...

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How to identify the material of elbow by yaang.com

Sulfuric acid immersion stainless steel elbow test can put 302 and 304 and 316 and 317 distinguished. The sample cutting edge through fine grinding, and then the concentration of 20~30%, temperature of 60~66 nitrate (accounted for 1.42) in the cleaning ...

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The stainless steel elbow for maintenance and use by yaang.com

Stainless steel elbow is a common stainless steel pipe fittings, usually used in some stainless steel pipe line in the turn, the angle of the elbow has a standard of 45 degrees, 90 degrees and so on, there are some ...

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Technical parameters of steel elbow pipe fittings by yaang.com

The corrosion resistance of the steel elbow pipe fittings depends on the alloy elements contained in the steel. Chromium is the steel elbow pipe fittings was the basic elements of corrosion resistance, when the Cr content in steel reached 1.2%, chromium ...

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