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Development trend of production technology of stainless steel pipes

One: The development trend of the world’s production technology of stainless steel pipes 2.1 “Three-step method” steelmaking and continuous casting process The use of the “three-step method” for steelmaking and continuous casting to produce stainless steel pipe blanks has created conditions for improving ...

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Special points for special attention when welding stainless steel welded pipes

1. When welding stainless steel welded pipe, the grinding wheel used for grinding can only be used for grinding stainless steel welded pipe; the wire brush used and the tool for removing welding slag are all made of stainless steel; ...

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Calculation and determination of thickness and width of stainless steel welded pipe materials

The steel strip or steel plate selected for the stainless steel welded pipe is first considered for its thickness. Use reasonable and correct thickness to ensure and meet the basic requirements of the product. The thickness of the selected steel ...

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Application of stainless steel pipe in petroleum and petrochemical

1 Types of stainless steel According to the chemical composition, stainless steel can be divided into Cr stainless steel, Cr-Ni stainless steel and Cr-Ni-Mo stainless steel. According to the application field, it can be divided into medical stainless steel, atmospheric ...

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Application of stainless steel pipe in petroleum and petrochemical industry

1 Application of Stainless Steel in Petroleum and Petrochemicals The most commonly used classification of stainless steel is classified according to the structure of the steel and can generally be divided into ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, martensitic stainless ...

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Types and Solutions of Cracks in Welding of Stainless Steel Pipes

During the welding process of stainless steel pipes, cracks sometimes occur in the weld zone. According to the time and temperature of formation, there are mainly three forms of cold cracks, hot cracks and reheat cracks; according to the formation ...

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Five methods for non-destructive testing of weld of stainless steel welded pipe

After the welding operation of stainless steel welded pipe, there are sometimes small defects in the weld area. If it is not found in time and handled well, it is easy to affect the use effect. So how can we ...

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Production process and characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe and welded pipe

There are two main types of stainless steel pipes, which are stainless steel seamless pipes and stainless steel welded pipes. It is known by the name that the former has no weld seam, the latter is mainly welded and formed, and ...

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Two forms and application examples of stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless steel welded pipe is a pipe made of stainless steel plate or strip crimping after forming and welding, simple production process efficiency, low cost and variety of specifications, but generally low strength than seamless steel pipe. However, with the ...

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Performance comparison of stainless steel welded pipe with polished welded pipe

At present, industrial stainless steel welded pipe is widely used in the application market of stainless steel at home and abroad. Among them, because of the difference of surface processing technology, the stainless steel industrial welded pipe is mainly divided ...

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