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Internal thread processing method of stamping elbow

Design and manufacture of a tap The internal thread on the stamping elbow usually adopts tap for tapping processing. Because stainless viscosity is higher, chip breaking performance is poor, so prone to chip in the process of tapping scratch artifacts ...

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Stainless steel elbow compared with carbon steel elbow

The material of stainless steel elbow, usually on the basis of the carbon steel elbow increased the proportion of Cr, Ni alloy, such as content ratio can reach more than 20%. Common steel grade are: 304、 304 L、 321、 316、 ...

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Processing method of stainless steel stamping elbow by yaang.com

Processing method of stainless steel stamping elbow has a good variety. Many also belongs to the category of processing machinery, use is the most pressing, forging method, roller processing method, rolling rolling method, abscesses, tensile test, bending method, and the ...

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Technical parameters of steel elbow pipe fittings by yaang.com

The corrosion resistance of the steel elbow pipe fittings depends on the alloy elements contained in the steel. Chromium is the steel elbow pipe fittings was the basic elements of corrosion resistance, when the Cr content in steel reached 1.2%, chromium ...

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The use of stainless steel stamping elbow technique By yaang.com

1, chromium stainless steel stamping elbow has must be corrosion resistant (oxidizing acid, organic acids, cavitation), heat-resisting and wear-resisting function. Who used for power station equipment decoration material, chemical, oil and other Settings. Chromium stainless steel stamping elbow poor weldability, ...

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Stainless steel stamping elbow welding points for attention By yaang.com

1, due to the heating to guard against erosion between eyes, welding current shoulds not be too eve, 20% less than carbon steel electrode mercy, arc shoulds not be too long, interlayer cold quickly, with narrow bead advisable. 2, stainless ...

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