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Brief introduction of stamping reducer

The stamping reducer is a reducer produced by a stamping process. The reducer has the advantages of stable structure, fast forming, high hardness, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance. The size of the reducer is ...

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Hot pressing process and testing standard for manufacturing stainless steel reducer

The stainless steel reducer is one of the chemical stainless steel pipe fittings and is used for the connection of two different pipe diameters. It is divided into stainless steel concentric reducer and stainless steel eccentric reducer. 1 Process for manufacturing stainless steel ...

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Detailed introduction of the reducer

Pipe reducer for connection between pipes of two different pipe diameters. According to the shape, it is divided into two types: concentric small head and eccentric reducer. The different diameter pipe material includes stainless steel reducer (alloy steel, carbon steel ...

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Forming technology and application specific properties of stainless steel reducer

The molding technology of the stainless steel reducer: first of all we need to welding a cross section of polygon edges ring shell or blockade on both ends of multi sector, such as internal pressure medium, full of pressure and ...

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Stainless steel reducer: crack control technology in the production process

Stainless steel reducer production is mainly by suppressing is given priority to, however, according to many years experience, to suppress this kind of method can make the hardness and density change, just now if not heated, it will be very ...

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The annealing technique of the stainless steel reducer

Stainless steel reducer in the annealing time must pay attention to detail, a good grasp of the time. First, we must check the sealing performance of the furnace body, bright annealing furnace should be closed, and must be isolated from ...

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Introduction to the forging process of the stainless steel reducer

Stainless steel reducer is made of malleable cast iron manufacturing, mainly used in water supply pipeline, gas pipeline, oil pipeline and pipe connection between. We often see the size of the stainless steel head is black, right Angle and camber, ...

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The heat treatment technology of stainless steel reducer

Stainless steel reducer in reducing deformation in the process of suppression and hole enlargement, according to different materials and variable diameter pipe fittings we need to deal with, and then also need determination by cold pressing and hot pressing, under ...

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The connection mode of stainless steel reducer

Safe and reliable stainless steel reducer, health environmental protection, economy applicable, thin wall of the pipe and new and reliable, simple and convenient connection method is developed, it has the advantage that the pipe can not be replaced, more and ...

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Stainless steel reducer industry must improve production skills

Chinese stainless steel reducer industry imbalance, in the current stainless steel reducer output sharply, under the situation of billet origin is serious, first rely on outsourcing, iron ore prices to add stainless steel reducer capital, unable to take part in ...

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