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Creep reaction and test experiment of stainless steel plate

Creep is a slow failure mechanism, which may occur when stainless steel plates are exposed to higher than the elastic limit for a long time. Creep is very slow and not obvious at most ambient temperatures. For stainless steel plates, ...

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Test method and test error of Brinell and Vivtorinox hardness for stainless steel plate and other metals

Brinell test was designed by Swedish researchers in early twentieth Century. As shown in Fig. 1 (a), the test involves pressing the hardened steel ball indenter into the surface of the sample using standard load. Select the diameter / load ...

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The effect of mechanical testing on stainless steel plates

Mechanical testing of stainless steel plates are used to generate data that can be used for design purposes or as part of the material connection procedure or operator acceptance procedure. The most important function may be to provide design data, ...

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Factors influencing heat treatment of stainless steel plates after welding

In the heat treatment of stainless steel plates, tempering is mainly used to soften any hard microstructures that may be formed during the previous heat treatment, improve the ductility and toughness of the material. In addition, the tempering can also ...

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Attention to precipitation or aging hardening of stainless steel plates

Several methods can be used to increase the strength of stainless steel plates, which are alloying, quenching, working hardening, and a very common form of heat treatment, namely, precipitation or aging hardening. The so-called age hardening is in fact dependent ...

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Several defects and solutions occurred during the welding of stainless steel plate

When stainless steel plates are welded, defects often occur. The causes of these defects are different. This article describes some of the defect classification and avoidance methods. Stoma The pores formed by the stainless steel plate weld can be divided ...

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Corrosion characteristics of metals such as metal

When most metals come into contact with certain substances in air or water, chemical changes occur that reduce the integrity of the metal. This process is called corrosion. Among them, materials such as oxygen, sulfur, and salt can cause metal ...

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Surface nitriding process of stainless steel plate

Stainless steel sheet is widely used. The surface modification of sheet metal is a low-cost way and can significantly enhance the hardness and wear resistance of materials. Because the surface oxide film of the stainless steel plate will exist, it ...

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Introduction of the processing technology of S phase permeation layer on austenitic stainless steel plate

The performance characteristics of austenitic stainless steels are corrosion resistance, high toughness, and good processing performance is widely used in many fields, but the abrasion resistance and fatigue resistance of austenitic stainless steel is poor, which greatly affects the application ...

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How does heat treatment process affect the surface quality of stainless steel plates?

If the surface of the stainless steel plate is not uniform, it is necessary to make a uniform oxide skin in the process of heat treatment. To achieve this goal, in addition to the high surface quality of stainless steel ...

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