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Introduction of metal quenching processes such as stainless steel pipes

The so-called metal quenching is a method of rapidly reducing the metal back to room temperature after heat treatment (e.g., annealing) in order to prevent the significant change in the microstructure of the metal during the cooling process. Quenching results ...

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The difference between ERW, DOM, and seamless steel pipe

ERW pipe (resistance welded pipe) The name ERW is because such stainless steel pipes involve certain types of welding processes such as spot welding and seam welding. Seam welding is usually used when manufacturing round, square and rectangular stainless steel ...

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Application of stainless steel pipe in soil and water treatment

The most serious problem in the application of stainless steel pipes in soil and water treatment is the corrosion of the medium. In the soil, the corrosivity is usually classified by its resistivity. The experiment shows that if the soil ...

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Treatment of corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe surface

There are many ways of anticorrosive treatment on stainless steel pipes. By improving the surface treatment methods and processes of stainless steel pipes, many practical applications can be improved. The first is cleaning stainless steel pipe. It can be cleaned ...

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Precautions for defects in stainless steel pipes during cold rolling or cold drawing

When stainless steel pipes are cold-drawn or cold-rolled, some defects will inevitably occur. These defects will affect the quality of the finished stainless steel pipe products. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken for the formation of these defects. The quality ...

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What are the three aspects of the solid solution treatment of stainless steel pipe?

The solution treatment of stainless steel pipes are very powerful, mainly reflected in three aspects. The following is a detailed description of austenitic stainless steel pipes. The austenitic stainless steel tube is softened by solution treatment. Usually, the stainless steel ...

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The operating points of passivation treatment for stainless steel pipe

When do stainless steel pipe need passivation? Conventionally, when the stainless steel pipe is corroded after the welding process and subjected to strong pollution, it must be passivated. The preferred passivation method is as follows. In the case of stainless ...

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What aspects should be paid attention to in the packaging and transportation of stainless steel pipes

Stainless steel pipes should have different forms of packing according to their product type, finish, size and transportation mode. Because the stainless steel pipe is usually the pipe, the pressure pipe, the mechanical pipe and the decorative pipe, and the ...

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Precautions when connecting stainless steel pipe to other fittings or flanges

In the practical application of stainless steel pipes, there will be no other stainless steel pipes or flanges, fittings. At this time to meet the requirements of the use, it is necessary to ensure that the quality of the butt ...

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Types and Solutions of Cracks in Welding of Stainless Steel Pipes

During the welding process of stainless steel pipes, cracks sometimes occur in the weld zone. According to the time and temperature of formation, there are mainly three forms of cold cracks, hot cracks and reheat cracks; according to the formation ...

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