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Basic knowledge of pressure piping inspection

1 Industrial pipeline on-line inspection, what parts should be focused on inspection? (1) the outlet of the compressor and pump; (2) compensator, tee, elbow (elbow), size head, branch pipe connection and dead angle of medium flow, etc. (3) pipe components and welded ...

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What is the difference between the diameter DN and De?

DN DN refers to the nominal diameter of the pipe. Note: This is neither the outer diameter nor the inner diameter; it should be related to the imperial unit in the initial development of the pipeline engineering; it is usually ...

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Requirements for equipment layout in 19 chemical plants

1. What are the specific requirements for the design of the side pipe of the tower? The tower side piping design has these requirements: (1) The pipe on the side of the tower body generally has reflux, feed, side line ...

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How to mitigate corrosion during installation of stainless steel pipes

The corrosion reaction is unavoidable during the use of stainless steel pipes, so how to alleviate the corrosion is a key aspect of maintenance process. The following article describes the methods of avoiding or alleviating corrosion of stainless steel pipes. ...

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Welding method of long-distance pipeline

Long-distance pipeline welding method: First, manual welding (1) Arc welding of electrodes is sensitive and cumbersome, and has strong conformability. At the same time, due to the continuous improvement of electrode performance, its deposition efficiency and mechanical properties can still ...

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A brief introduction to the production process of steel

The basic production process of iron and steel is to first obtain iron ore and coking coal and then to convert them into pig iron in an ironmaking blast furnace; the next step is to use pig iron as raw ...

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Basic knowledge of pressure pipeline inspection

1. Industrial pipeline on-line inspection, what parts should be focused on inspection? (1) the outlet parts of the compressor and pump; (2), compensator, three links, elbow (elbow), big head, branch pipe connection and dead angle of medium flow. (3) piping ...

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Selection of indoor gas stainless steel pipe

In the application of thin-walled stainless steel pipe, indoor gas pipeline is an important application area. Indoor gas and stainless steel pipes need to bear certain pressure to prevent explosion and fire caused by gas leakage, so as to avoid ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of surface treatment process for stainless steel pipelines

In order to enhance the surface quality of stainless steel pipelines, optimization of the surface morphology and application of structure, reduce the energy level and the number of dielectric layers, need to do some processing on stainless steel pipeline system, ...

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Passivation purpose and method of stainless steel pipe for water supply

Usually the stainless steel pipe as the water supply pipeline before, in the process there will be a passivation process, its purpose is to protect the formation of chromium oxide coating on the inner wall of stainless steel pipe with ...

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