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Cleanliness testing technology of stainless steel pipe

The cleanliness of stainless steel pipe refers to the degree of contamination of the steel pipe by impurities. It is expressed by the quality, size and quantity of the impurity particles collected from the specified characteristic parts by a prescribed ...

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Mechanism analysis and prevention of pitting corrosion in weld and heat affected zone of TP304 stainless steel pipe

The stainless steel pipes for condensers and heat exchangers are basically welded pipes. The investigation found that there are many cases of pitting corrosion in stainless steel pipes in the weld and its heat affected zone. At least 5 samples ...

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Advantages of electrolytic polishing for stainless steel pipes for fluids

The stainless steel pipe is a kind of pipe with hollow cross section and complete weld. Compared with solid steel and other solid steel, stainless steel pipe products are a kind of economic section steel when the bending and torsion ...

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Precautions for defects in stainless steel pipes during cold rolling or cold drawing

When stainless steel pipes are cold-drawn or cold-rolled, some defects will inevitably occur. These defects will affect the quality of the finished stainless steel pipe products. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken for the formation of these defects. The quality ...

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How to identify poor quality seamless steel pipe

Due to the excellent performance of the seamless stainless steel pipe, the use of the stainless steel pipe is very popular and the price is very reasonable. Therefore, in the downstream spot market, there are sometimes fake stainless steel seamless ...

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Factors Influencing Grain Boundary Corrosion of Stainless Steel pipes

The corrosion of stainless steel pipe is mainly caused by the material properties, surface conditions, medium properties, pH value, temperature, flow rate and time. In addition, the factors affecting the properties of stainless steel include composition, crystal structure and passivation. ...

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Cause of point corrosion in passivation state of stainless steel pipe

Stainless steel pipe in the passivated state will still have a certain ability to react because the passive film is always in a dynamic equilibrium state of dissolution and repair and passivation. When the stainless steel pipe contains the active ...

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What are the three aspects of the solid solution treatment of stainless steel pipe?

The solution treatment of stainless steel pipes are very powerful, mainly reflected in three aspects. The following is a detailed description of austenitic stainless steel pipes. The austenitic stainless steel tube is softened by solution treatment. Usually, the stainless steel ...

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The operating points of passivation treatment for stainless steel pipe

When do stainless steel pipe need passivation? Conventionally, when the stainless steel pipe is corroded after the welding process and subjected to strong pollution, it must be passivated. The preferred passivation method is as follows. In the case of stainless ...

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Production characteristics of stainless steel seamless pipe

In the production process of stainless steel seamless pipe, it is necessary to pay attention to the production characteristics of the pipe. As long as these characteristics are fully utilized, the quality of the stainless steel pipe produced can be ...

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