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Failure Analysis of Flange Crack

Abstract:There were many radial cracks on the stainless steel flange surface after storing for five years in Nibo. Marco and micro observation, chemical composition analysis and metallurgical examination were carried out to find out the failure cause. The results show ...

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The difference between butt welding and flat welding in stainless steel flanges

The difference between the flat welding and the butt welding of the stainless steel flange refers to the two welding methods when the flange is connected with the stainless steel pipe. The flat welding flange welds only one side, without ...

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Characteristics of flat welding flanges in stainless steel flanges

The advantage of flat welding flange in stainless steel flange is to save space and reduce weight. It can protect the joint part from leakage and has excellent sealing performance. The reduction of the size of the compact stainless steel ...

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Classification, maintenance and service life of stainless steel flange

The stainless steel flange has the threaded connection flange and the welding flange, it is a kind of dish shaped parts, in the pipeline engineering is the most common, the flange is used in pairs. In the pipeline project, the ...

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How to deal with the rough surface of stainless steel flange

Flange surface is smooth and decided the sealing surface of the connection effect, in the usual contact will have many such rough stainless steel flange, it is difficult to seal, so the roughness of the stainless steel flange for sealing ...

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The influence of various elements on stainless steel flanges

Stainless steel flange in industrial application are actually exist several or even dozens of elements at the same time, when several elements coexist in stainless steel flange this unity, their impact is much more complicated than single exists, because in ...

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Buyer how to discern between true and false stainless steel flange

Stainless steel flange that because of different alloy content is divided into several hundred kinds of. How to discern between true and false of stainless steel flange is buyer? Except austenitic stainless steel flange magnet suck on the outside, ferritic ...

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Attend the matters needing attention in the stainless steel flange exhibition

Going to the stainless steel flange exhibition needs to make adequate preparations. In this small series also want to participate in some of their own feelings stainless steel flanges show to share with you. Here are a few of my ...

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No mold design of the drawing process for stainless steel tee

Stainless steel tee of non die drawing process is a use of metal flow stress with temperature changes in the nature and the realization of flexible plastic processing technology, is a kind of high precision, high efficiency, low energy consumption, ...

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Notice of cutting stainless steel flange by yaang.com

Stainless steel flange during processing, in addition to go through multi-channel heat treatment process, also need to use machining process, the main tool is cutting blades, etc., but for the cutting of the stainless steel flange material is not very ...

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