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Removal of oxide skin produced in stainless steel processing

As a special kind of special steel with excellent performance, stainless steel is widely used in the production and life of people. Usually the stainless steel material in molding process, most of them are subject to various heat treatment processing, ...

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Causes and preventive measures for pitting corrosion of stainless steel plate

What is stainless steel pitting? To understand this concept, we must first understand the excellent corrosion resistance principle of stainless steel. In fact, it is because there is an invisible but compact oxidation protective film on the surface of the ...

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What is the influence of the surface roughness of the stainless steel plate

It is well known that the surface quality roughness of the stainless steel plate will affect the effect of the finished product, so what are the effects of the roughness? Stainless steel plate surface has a layer of dense oxide ...

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Corrosion performance of stainless steel in acid

Nitric acid is a strong oxidizing acid, strong oxidative corrosion, a lot of chemical fiber used in chemical fertilizers, dyes and other chemical industries. Stainless steel acid-resistant steel is developed from the application of nitric acid industry. Cr13 stainless steel ...

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Common chemical elements in stainless steel plate

There are more than 10 kinds of common elements in stainless steel plate. In addition to the basic element iron, the most important elements affecting the performance and microstructure of stainless steel plates are carbon, chromium, nickel, manganese, silicon, molybdenum, ...

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Causes and elimination of ferromagnetism in austenitic stainless steel

Generally speaking, the most difficult way to test whether a material is stainless steel is to see whether a magnet can adsorb or not, and that it is stainless steel, which is not familiar with the performance of stainless steel. ...

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Pickling process of stainless steel materials

Because of its excellent mechanical properties, high hardness and wear resistance, stainless steel has been widely used in the military parts processing field. Their surface treatment is carried out after heat treatment, solid solution and aging, because the heat treatment ...

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The condition of stress corrosion cracking is caused by stainless steel

Chromium martensitic stainless steel and ferritic stainless steel according to different conditions can cause stress corrosion cracking (mainly intergranular cracking) or hydrogen embrittlement, but this kind of stainless steel in MgCI2 or NaCI solution, resisting performance is far stronger than ...

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The role of various major chemical elements in stainless steel

The chemical elements are often used in the steel industry, there are about more than 20 species, is stainless steel, commonly used elements of a dozen, in addition to iron, can affect the microstructure and properties of stainless steel elements ...

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How to identify stainless steel and stainless iron

Stainless iron is a kind of stainless steel, the material mainly has 409, 410, 430, 444, which belongs to the martensitic and ferritic stainless steel, they will be attracted to a magnet. While the stainless steel can resist unity refers ...

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