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What is the difference between the diameter DN and De?

DN DN refers to the nominal diameter of the pipe. Note: This is neither the outer diameter nor the inner diameter; it should be related to the imperial unit in the initial development of the pipeline engineering; it is usually ...

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The whole process of seamless steel pipe production

1. The introduction of seamless steel pipe The seamless steel pipe is a circular, square, rectangular steel with a hollow section and no seams around it. The seamless steel pipe is formed by perforating a steel ingot or a solid ...

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The production process of seamless steel pipe

Production process of seamless steel pipe The production process of the general seamless steel pipe can be divided into two kinds of cold drawing and hot rolling. The production process of cold rolled seamless steel tube is generally more complicated ...

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Why the seamless steel pipe should carry out the pickling process

In the rolling of seamless steel pipe, especially in the production process of seamless steel pipe, how does the pickling process go on, today it will open this mysterious veil for you immediately! Summary of seamless steel pipe pickling The ...

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Characteristics of stainless steel welded pipe and its processing technology

Stainless steel welded pipe is also called pipe, most of which is a stainless steel tube which is made of stainless steel tape after curling the equipment. Its production and processing technology is simple and efficient, the specifications are varied ...

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What is a stainless steel seamless pipe

Generally will have a hollow section, the pipe body is no seam of the long steel called seamless steel pipe. Since the interior of the seamless steel pipe is a hollow section, it is used in a large number of ...

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The knowledge of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a kind of hollow cross-section, there is no seam around the long steel. Seamless steel pipe with hollow cross-section, a large number of pipes used to transport fluid, such as the transportation of oil, natural gas, ...

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The good prospect of seamless steel pipe industry

Seamless steel pipe industry maintained a strong momentum of development, is an important material of national economic development. Seamless steel pipe is a kind of economy, it is widely used in petroleum, electricity, chemical industry, coal, machinery, military industry, aerospace ...

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Production method of stainless steel seamless pipe

Stainless steel seamless pipe according to the different production methods can be divided into hot rolling, cold rolling tube, cold drawn tubes, extruded tube, etc. 1, hot-rolled seamless steel pipe in automatic rolling on production unit. Solid billet through inspection ...

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Seamless steel pipe, hot tension reducing mill steel pipe, straight seam steel pipe what’s the difference between the three of pipe

Seamless steel pipe market competition at present, due to the limitation of its production process, the production cost of seamless steel tube has been high, resulting in the gradual decline in its economic benefit. As China’s metallurgical industry technology progress, ...

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