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How to prevent bolts from loosening

Screws are known as industrial meters, though small but not small. Especially the plane rocket this high-tech content of the object, bolts can not be ignored, once loose, the consequences are unthinkable! How do bolts prevent loosening? Bolted connections of ...

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What happens if bolts and screws are rusted?

Screw is the most common type of fixing device in daily life. Usually it is used for fastening. Of course, it is hoped that it will be tightened, but it also adds some trouble to the subsequent maintenance technicians. When ...

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Common sense of nut and screw By yaang.com

The nut is a part which is used for fastening the bolt or screw. The nut is a part which is closely connected with the mechanical equipment. Its variety, common with national standard, British standard, American Standard, Japanese standard nut, ...

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