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No emergency meeting on oil price drop

Two OPEC delegates said that The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries has no plan to hold an emergency meeting to discuss the drop in oil prices before its next scheduled gathering in December. Mr Salah Khebr, Energy Minister of ...

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Oil Price Drop Offers Petro-States Chance to Curb Domestic Demand

The sharp drop in oil prices hasn’t been kind to the world’s petro-states, but it has provided an opening to address one of their most pressing economic problems: runaway domestic energy demand. In the Middle East, the growth in demand ...

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Oil Price Drop Hurts Spending on Business Investments

Prospects for an uptick in business investment this year are facing a major drag: The collapse in oil prices is spurring significant cutbacks by the energy-production industry, which had been a standout in an otherwise lackluster U.S. economic expansion. Business ...

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Oil price drop flat lines global defence spend

According to IHS, defence spending is forecast to flat line globally over the next two years as fiscal constraints among oil producing states in the Middle East and North Africa remove a key source of growth. Key highlights and forecasts ...

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