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Correct welding process of stainless steel pipe

As a kind of metal pipe, the stainless steel pipe has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature and high strength, most of which are used in the process pipeline of newly built and expanded petrochemical equipment. However, the biggest ...

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Current Situation and Prospect of Industrial Metal Pipe Fittings Industry

Introduction: Industrial Metal Pipe Fittings Industry are mainly used in petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, shipbuilding, electric power, medicine, gas, heat and other industries, especially in the industries of the national economy, especially the Is a huge demand space for emerging ...

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The industrial metal pipe industry competition

In the current metal pipe industry, small diameter, low pressure, mainly to carbon steel pipe fittings, mainly used in the metal pipe without special technical requirements of the operating environment, known as the general metal pipe; and large diameter, medium ...

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