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How to solve the leakage of large flange

Large flange in use process due to the large flange connection when improperly or use time is too long, leak, appear this kind of circumstance the user need not worry. First look at the leak site, minimal in leak position ...

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Measures to prevent deformation of large flange

Large flange in assembly welding. To avoid in the condition of bearing or bearing welds, try to eliminate the influence of external forces of weld bead and prevent deformation of the flange. Take the following measures: (1) when conditions permit, ...

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Inspection of welding joint of large flange

Large flange as a sealing and fastening connection parts, installation is simple, flexible, long life, in the field of aerospace and petroleum, chemical and other large containers have a wide range of applications. First of all, the large flange connection ...

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The sealing ring of large flange replacement mode by yaang.com

The sealing ring is two pieces of large flanges are mutually connected, put in two pieces of flange sealing surface of the two and then tightened the bolt flange, the flange leakage of a product does not occur. In the large flange ...

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The factors affecting the performance of the large flange by yaang.com

In the production of large flange, there were many elements affect the function of large flange, let’s say the rare several elements, the beginning is the annealing temperature, annealing temperature for the primer and template joint at the temperature of ...

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