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How to choose a gasket?

There are many types of gaskets, and gaskets of different materials and shapes have different functions. If you choose the wrong gasket, not only can it not be sealed well, it may also become a safety hazard, and there is ...

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The most practical 6 solutions for flange corrosion

The integrity of the flange connection is critical to the delivery of fluid piping systems. Whether it is a piping system that transports chemical media (such as hydrocarbons) or a water supply line, flange connection leakage can cause serious environmental ...

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How to deal with the rough surface of stainless steel flange

Flange surface is smooth and decided the sealing surface of the connection effect, in the usual contact will have many such rough stainless steel flange, it is difficult to seal, so the roughness of the stainless steel flange for sealing ...

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