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Four surface treatment methods for fastener anti-corrosion

Fasteners are the most common parts in mechanical equipment, and they are also very important to function. Machines that operate like air compressors are particularly large, and the role of fasteners can be imagined. However, corrosion is the most common ...

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German workers twist bolts and three turns to half circle. What’s the matter?

A TV program many years ago, about China’s construction of nuclear power plants, foreign experts instructed Chinese workers to tighten the screws three times and then back half a circle. 1. Why not tighten, but half off? 2. If it ...

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How to prevent bolts from loosening

Screws are known as industrial meters, though small but not small. Especially the plane rocket this high-tech content of the object, bolts can not be ignored, once loose, the consequences are unthinkable! How do bolts prevent loosening? Bolted connections of ...

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Standard of thread

Threads, do mechanical daily dealings, especially hydraulic and pneumatic, a long time domestic, metric, imperial, straight cone, sealed non-sealed, inside and outside, 55 degrees and 60 degrees . In short, I am often confused. I use it once to check ...

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