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How to calculate the weight of the elbow

In a piping system, the elbow is a pipe fitting that changes the direction of the pipe. According to the angle, there are 45 ° and 90 ° 180 ° three kinds of the most commonly used, according to the ...

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Common quality defects of elbows

The processing of the elbow is easy to produce the following quality defects, especially in the bending of the elbow. (1) thinning of wall thickness, wrinkling, such as the outside of the bending deformation zone will produce thin wall thickness. ...

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The wall thickness of elbow is beyond the standard

Due to the site of the arrival of the The wall thickness of elbow exceeds bid badly, need to be done according to the actual measurement of pipeline stress calculation, the calculation of wall thickness to exceed bid, pipes, pipe ...

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How to identify the material of elbow by yaang.com

Sulfuric acid immersion stainless steel elbow test can put 302 and 304 and 316 and 317 distinguished. The sample cutting edge through fine grinding, and then the concentration of 20~30%, temperature of 60~66 nitrate (accounted for 1.42) in the cleaning ...

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Brief introduction of pipe fittings manufacturing process and analysis of the weak parts

Inspection personnel to implement incoming inspection before should be understanding pipe fittings manufacturing process, clear the weak link in the pipe. The scientific inspection technology and advanced inspection methods, determine the reasonable proportion of sampling and testing focus, effectively play ...

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The difference between the bend and elbow By yaang.com

Bend and elbow the most basic difference is that the elbow is relatively short. R=1 times to 2 times the elbow, and then a large multiples of the bend. In the production process of cold bend can be readily used ...

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Radius of curvature and the weight of the stainless steel pipe fitting formula is introduced

What is the curvature of the curve, the curvature of the plane curve is aimed at a point on the curve tangent Angle for arc length of rotation rate, defined by differential, shows that the degree of curve deviates from the straight line. K = lim | Δ alpha/Δ s | Δ s tends to zero, curvature K is defined Pipe radius of curvature, the reciprocal of curvature is the curvature radius. Somewhere on the radius of curvature is mainly used to describe the curve curvature change, special, such as: a round in a circular arc curvature radius equals the radius of the circle, perhaps can understand like this: is that a curve of differential as far as possible, until the final approximation of a circular arc, the circular arc radius. Elbow according to the radius of curvature to points, divided into long radius elbow and short radius elbow 1) radius of curvature of the short radius elbow to elbow is approximately equal to the pipe diameter and R = 1 d. 2) refers to the long radius elbow bend curvature radius is approximately equal to 1.5 times the pipe diameter, R = 1.5 D. R as the radius of curvature, D bend diameter. Stainless steel pipe/curvature radius of curvature, to bend the sample: Elbow volume (the volume / 1000000 * material density values, is the weight, unit: kg/a) 1) torus volume formula = PI * r * r * 2 * PI * r r – ring body section radius r – ring into the center of the ring body body section center distance, the radius of curvature 2) hollow torus volume formula = (r * r – PI PI * * r ‘* r) * 2 * PI * r r’ – ring body section within a radius of 180 degrees, 90 degrees, 45 degrees Angle is equal to 1/2 respectively, 1/4, 1/8 hollow torus = 3), 90 – degree bend volume formula (r * r – PI PI * * r ‘* r) / 4 * 2 * PI * r = 2 * (D/D / 2 – (D – 2 * S) / 2 * (D – 2 * S) / 2) / 2 * PI * PI * r = (D – S) PI / 2 * PI * * S * r, D – bend diameter in mm S – elbow wall thickness, unit mm r – bend section center to the torus center distance, the radius of curvature, in mm For example, Such as 159 * 4 not 304 stainless steel 304 degree Angle, diameter is 159 mm, wall thickness of 4 mm to check the standard GB/T12459, long radius elbows curvature radius of 229 mm, short radius elbows curvature radius of 152 mm, 304 stainless steel elbow material density value is 7.93 g/cm ^ 3 g/mm ^ 3 = 7.93/1000 = 7.93/1000 Kg/mm ^ 3 The weight of the 90 – degree Angle formula = (D – S) * S * R * PI / 2 * PI * 7.93/1000000 Kg (1). 304 stainless steel material, the weight of 90 degrees of the long radius elbow = (159-4) * 4 * 229 * 3.14 * 3.14/2 * 7.93/1000000 = 5.55 Kg (2). 304 stainless steel material, the weight of 90 degrees of short radius elbow = (159-4) * 4 * 152 * 3.14 * 3.14/2 * 7.93/1000000 = 3.69 Kg Source: Zhejiang Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com) From Metal & Oil & Gas News, post Radius of curvature and the weight of ...

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The purpose of the elbow with the installation By yaang.com

Elbow use and installation purposes: elbow for the connection of the pipe bend. Connect two pipes with the same nominal diameter, and make the pipe to make the angle turn. Material division of carbon steel elbow, cast steel elbow, alloy ...

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Compare the difference between elbow and bend By yaang.com

The difference between the stainless steel elbow and stainless steel bend as the name suggests is essentially the difference between “head” and “tube”, but in the production process is very different. The most basic is the difference between the stainless ...

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How to detect the corrosion inside the elbow By yaang.com

Whether stamping elbow, or elbow push system, when its corrosion? How do you detect it corroded? Elbow after corrosion, usually show the elbow pipe wall thinning, a partial pits and pitting. Now bend corrosion detection method is widely used at ...

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