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The hydraulic bulge forming technology of stainless steel tee

Stainless steel tee‘s hydraulic bulging process is through the metal materials of axial compensation bulge out a kind of branch pipe forming process. The process is to use special hydraulic press, with three links within the tube billet diameter equal ...

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Pipe tee design drawings

Pipe tee is a duct system bifurcate or collection role of pipe fittings. Three links, sort is more, in the form of a diagonal tee, straight tee, pants fork tee, elbow combined tee, etc. Now only introduce commonly used circular ...

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Forming process of seamless pipe fittings (two)

(2) seamless tee Tee is a pipe for pipeline branch. For using seamless tube manufacturing tee is usually adopted by the process has two kinds of hydraulic bulging forming and hot pressing. The forming process of cross and tee are ...

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