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structural pipe

structural pipe


Yaang Steel is an industry-leading supplier of structural pipe for
the transmission of mediums such as water, oil, and others. We carry structural
steel pipe in a wide range of lengths, grades, and schedules to ensure that we
have the right pipe in stock for any customer’s needs. We stock common varieties
such as schedule 40, schedule 80, and others, in many popular grades including
A-53 Grade B. If we don’t have the specific schedule, grade, etc., of structural
pipe that you need in our inventory, we’ll locate it for you and have it
delivered in time to meet your deadlines.

Seamless Steel


This seamless tubular product is used in such applications as dock piling,
pipe piling, caissons, bollards and more. What is seamless steel pipe made from
you ask. Well it’s made from solid round steel ‘billet’ which is then heated and
pushed or pulled over a form until the steel is shaped into a hollow tube. The
same as our other structural pipe products seamless pipe can be supplied as a
new or secondary pipe in various sizes, grades and thicknesses.

ERW Steel Pipe


ERW Steel Pipe is typically known to the construction industry as a high
quality line pipe which is commonly used by the oil and utility companies. ERW
structural pipe is very flexible in the number of applications it can be used
for, in such industries as sign pole manufacturing, columns, dock building for
marinas, parking bollards, tunnel construction, caissons

Steel Pipe

Spiral Steel Pipe an economical and very durable
product, which in turn gives your project the long lasting reliability you
require. Spiral welded steel pipe can be used in a wide variety of applications
such as pump station piping, force mains, water treatment plant piping and
trenches, not to mention pillars and piling. As you can see spirally welded
tubing is a widely used structural pipe product.


DSAW Carbon Steel Pipe known to some construction people as the straight seam pipe product, with
the weld being visible on the inside and outside of the product. Depending on
the application DSAW carbon steel pipe comes in many different grades such as
ASTM grades and API grades. It is available as a new pipe product or a secondary
pipe product. Some common projects it is used for is road casing, road boring,
Culverts, offshore drilling..

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