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Introduction of metal quenching processes such as stainless steel pipes

The so-called metal quenching is a method of rapidly reducing the metal back to room temperature after heat treatment (e.g., annealing) in order to prevent the significant change in the microstructure of the metal during the cooling process. Quenching results ...

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The difference between ERW, DOM, and seamless steel pipe

ERW pipe (resistance welded pipe) The name ERW is because such stainless steel pipes involve certain types of welding processes such as spot welding and seam welding. Seam welding is usually used when manufacturing round, square and rectangular stainless steel ...

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Application of stainless steel pipe in soil and water treatment

The most serious problem in the application of stainless steel pipes in soil and water treatment is the corrosion of the medium. In the soil, the corrosivity is usually classified by its resistivity. The experiment shows that if the soil ...

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Treatment of corrosion resistance of stainless steel pipe surface

There are many ways of anticorrosive treatment on stainless steel pipes. By improving the surface treatment methods and processes of stainless steel pipes, many practical applications can be improved. The first is cleaning stainless steel pipe. It can be cleaned ...

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Reasons for the use of stainless steel tubes for heat transfer tubes

Thinning the thickness of the stainless steel tube can effectively improve the overall thermal conductivity of the stainless steel tube. When choosing a stainless steel tube with a wall thickness of 0.5-0.7mm, from the experimental results, the thermal conductivity of ...

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Selection of indoor gas stainless steel pipe

In the application of thin-walled stainless steel pipe, indoor gas pipeline is an important application area. Indoor gas and stainless steel pipes need to bear certain pressure to prevent explosion and fire caused by gas leakage, so as to avoid ...

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Various methods of cutting stainless steel pipes

Although the stainless steel pipe is a hard-to-cut metal material, the material is not very strong, and it is also sticky. The main cutting chips are also easy to stick to the tool, so it is classified as a hard-to-cut ...

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American Line Pipe Producers Association welcomes US DoC ruling

The US Department of Commerce (Commerce) issued preliminary determinations in its countervailing duty (CVD) investigations of Large Diameter Welded Pipe (LDWP) from China, India, Korea, and Turkey. The American Line Pipe Producers Association (ALPPA), a domestic coalition of large diameter ...

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Saudi Steel Pipe Company temporarily shutdown large dia unit

Saudi Steel Pipe Company has been forced to temporarily shut its large diameter pipe factory. It said that the Tadawul-listed business has closed its large diameter pipe manufacturing facility for around three weeks. This will allow crucial maintenance work to ...

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Precautions for defects in stainless steel pipes during cold rolling or cold drawing

When stainless steel pipes are cold-drawn or cold-rolled, some defects will inevitably occur. These defects will affect the quality of the finished stainless steel pipe products. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken for the formation of these defects. The quality ...

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