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US Steel closes 4 semaless tube mills at Lorain mill for good

The Chronicle-Telegram reported that US Steel informed employees Friday that a temporary closure at the tubular operations will be made permanent by June 8. US Steel spokeswoman Erin DiPietro said “challenging market conditions for tubular products” and “unfairly traded imports” were what led to the decision to close.

The company notified union officials of its intent to shutter the “four seamless” portion of the mill, which is also known as the No. 6 Quench and Temper Mill and is used to make smaller pipes, in December, but it has been idled since 2015.

DiPietro said 58 employees still are on layoff from when the mill was idled.

The December letter of intent came on the heels of 33 layoffs from the three seamless portion of the mill.

United Steelworkers Local 1104 President Dennis Hamilton said in Decembe that “That portion of the mill isn’t running right now anyway. We’ve only been running the three seamless portion of the plant for the last year, so this is just taking something temporary and setting it in stone.”

Hamilton said about 200 employees were affected when the four seamless portion of the plant was idled and while some of them might be able to return to the three seamless portion of the mill, it will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


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