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The status of industrial metal pipe industry development

China’s industrial metal pipe fittings industry, enterprises, small scale, relatively scattered production situation. As of the end of 2013, China has a total of more than 40,000 industrial metal pipe fittings business, small-scale enterprises, the majority of private enterprises, the annual production capacity of 1,000 tons in general; annual sales of more than 20 million yuan of about 200 enterprises. 2007-2013, China’s metal pipe production showed a year-on-year trend, but since 2011, growth has declined. Industrial metal pipe products mainly supply petrochemical, natural gas, ship, electricity, heat, medicine and other industries. With the national efforts to strengthen energy investment, the discovery of a large number of new oil fields and the strategy of West-East Gas Transmission, the “gasification strategy” of various provinces and cities in the country, deep processing of coal resources, strategic reserves and more use of aviation fuel will be greatly enhanced Pipe fittings industry’s sustainable development.
The main raw material of industrial metal pipe is steel products, including carbon steel and stainless steel and other materials, the industry’s upstream industry is steel ingot, steel pipe, steel manufacturing. With the development of materials technology, titanium-based alloys, nickel-based alloys and other new materials are also beginning to apply a large number of pipe fittings industry. The price, variety and quality of iron and steel products have an important influence on the industrial metal pipe fittings industry. China is a large steel producer, steel pipe, steel, ingot products sufficient supply of raw materials to ensure that the industry supply. But in recent years, with the rising prices of iron ore, steel prices continue to rise, reducing the domestic industrial metal pipe industry profits.

The industrial chain of industrial metal pipe industry

The industrial chain of industrial metal pipe industry

Industrial metal pipe industry is widely used in various fields, including petrochemical, shipbuilding, electric power, natural gas, medicine, food and many other industries. In the 12th Five-Year Plan, the State Council proposed to speed up the development of new energy sources, promote the clean and efficient use of traditional energy sources, actively develop hydropower under the premise of ecological protection, develop nuclear power on the basis of ensuring safety, strengthen power grid construction, Improve the oil and gas transmission pipeline network, expand oil and gas strategic reserves. Downstream energy, power industry development requires a lot of equipment investment, and equipment manufacturing performance, specifications, materials of different industrial metal pipe products. Downstream enterprises and industrial metal pipe fittings enterprises to establish long-term stable cooperative relations to ensure the safe operation of equipment and adequate supply. The development of the downstream industry to ensure that the industrial metal pipe industry has a stable and growing market demand.

The domestic industrial metal pipe fittings industry, the general market competition, such as ordinary carbon steel, small-caliber varieties of products such as adequate supply, but the large diameter, composite materials, high-performance (high temperature, low temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion) and for special industries Demand for the development of new products in short supply. Oil and gas industry needs to build long-distance pipeline large diameter, high pressure pipe, oil cracking industry in urgent need of high temperature, high pressure collection of pipe fittings, chemical industry required for the production of stainless steel metal matrix composite pipe fittings, power industry required Can withstand supercritical or even ultra-supercritical working state of the alloy, thick-walled pipe, chemical, shipbuilding industry, the need for standardized pipe system modules are in short supply range of products.
Mainly due to cost factors, developed countries, the production of metal pipe less, need from China, India, Brazil, China Taiwan and other countries and regions, the Chinese metal pipe export market in the future have greater room for growth. In recent years, thanks to the huge demand of the downstream industry, industrial metal pipe industry, the overall market demand for rapid growth, the market supply is also increasing rapidly.
In the course of exploiting the downstream customer market, the major enterprises in the industrial metal pipe fittings industry rely on their unique advantages in customer resources to form a concentrated market in different directions, mainly in the petrochemical, shipbuilding, power and other industries.

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