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Key points of welding process for 2205 duplex stainless steel

In the process of stainless steel processing, the welding of 2205 duplex stainless steel is a very test welding technology. This article will pay attention to the welding process of this kind of stainless steel. People usually call for the ...

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The difference between stainless steel angle bar and stainless iron angle bar

Stainless steel angle bar as a form of stainless steel products, the current application areas are increasing. And we say stainless steel usually refers to stainless steel and acid resistant steel. Stainless steel is able to withstand atmospheric, steam and ...

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How to deal with the cracks produced after processing of stainless steel plate

When the stainless steel plate is welded or the like, it is easy to make the stainless steel plate bend the crack first if it is improperly operated. At this time to repair the stainless steel plate welding cracks, you ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of duplex stainless steel

Duplex stainless steel is the stainless steel material that contains both ferrite phase and austenite phase in the microstructure of the metal. They are about half of each. But in practical applications, the ratio of a phase is better than ...

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The purpose of bright annealing process for stainless steel

The process of bright annealing of stainless steel aims to obtain sufficient metallographic structure by eliminating the work hardening and, on the other hand, to obtain an oxide free bright surface. Here is a detailed discussion of the role of ...

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Indian stainless steel output to rise 9pct to 3.6 million tonnes

Indian Stainless Steel Development Association said that Indian domestic stainless steel production will reach the 3.6 million tonne mark at the end of 2017. If the output crosses that level, it will be about 9 per cent more than last ...

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Domestic stainless steel output to hit 3.6 mt at 2017-end

India is the second-largest producer of stainless steel after it overtook Japan in 2016. China remains the leader. Domestic stainless steel production will reach the 3.6-million tonne mark at the end of 2017, industry body ISSDA has said. If the ...

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Study on Weldability of Duplex Stainless Steel UNS S31803

Duplex stainless steel is generally divided into four types: Cr18, Cr21, Cr25 and super duplex stainless steel with 25% to 26%. UNS S31803 is a standard duplex stainless steel, Cr21 type, accounting for more than 80% of the total duplex ...

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Stainless steel coaches can lower impact of train mishaps

The Indian Stainless Steel Development Association said that rail coaches made of stainless steel instead of carbon steel can minimize the impact of train accidents. ISSDA, referring to recent train accident in Muzaffarnagar that claimed 22 lives, said “If all ...

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Discussion on the Application of Stainless Steel

1. Application of stainless steel in construction industry In recent years, the application of stainless steel as a building material is becoming increasingly widespread. The use of a wide range of reasons has a wide range of reasons, including a ...

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