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What is the reaction of stainless steel plates and hydrogen

Hydrogen corrosion may occur in ammonia synthesis, hydrogen desulfurization and hydrogenation and petroleum refining units. Carbon steel is not suitable for high pressure hydrogen installations at temperatures above 232 C. Hydrogen can spread into the stainless steel plate and form ...

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Several processes of pickling and passivation on the surface of stainless steel plate

When the surface of the stainless steel plate is not annealed (for example, the surface after welding), drilling mud residue, rust-proof film, or ferrite impregnated with stainless steel after the molding process, the corrosion resistance of the stainless steel material ...

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What harm does salt spray corrosion cause to passivation film on the surface of stainless steel plate?

Salt spray corrosion will destroy the passivation film on the surface of the stainless steel plate, so that the decorative nature of the plate will be lost, and the mechanical strength of the material will be reduced. Some electronic components ...

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How to remove the surface burr of stainless steel plate

The latest process of removing burr for stainless steel plate is electrolytic polishing, which requires a complete set of electrolytic polishing equipment for production, such as power supply, rectifier, polishing tank, workpiece hanger, heating facility, cathode and anode materials, several ...

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Nickel Mines scores tax break for Indonesian stainless steel project Resources

Nickel Mines’ Indonesian partner will not have to pay income tax for the first seven years of operation of its stainless steel project. The corporate income tax relief is for the RKEF Project currently under construction in Indonesia’s Morowali Industrial ...

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Why are the price of 317L stainless steel flanges higher than 316 and 304 stainless steel flanges?

There are hundreds of different types of stainless steel flanges on the market, which may be difficult to find the perfect metal for your application. In many purchasing processes, the cost of metals is the first consideration rather than the ...

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Polishing of stainless steel by surface processing

A variety of surface processing of stainless steel has widened its application field. Different surface processing makes the surface of stainless steel different, so that it is unique in its application. In the field of building applications, there are many ...

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A brief introduction to the production process of steel

The basic production process of iron and steel is to first obtain iron ore and coking coal and then to convert them into pig iron in an ironmaking blast furnace; the next step is to use pig iron as raw ...

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Combination of tensile stress and specific corrosive environment may rupture stainless steel plates

The combination of tensile stress and a specific corrosive environment can cause the stainless steel plate to break. This type of attack is called Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC). The most common environmental exposure condition that causes SCC in stainless steel ...

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The problem of sensitizing reaction of austenitic stainless steel

In the temperature range of 950-1450°F, chromium carbide tends to precipitate at the grain boundary of austenitic stainless steel. Any exposure or thermal excursion within this temperature range during metal manufacture and use may cause sensitization of the austenitic stainless ...

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