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Strength difference of various kinds of stainless steel materials

The strength of stainless steel is affected by various factors, and the most important and basic is the chemical elements added to the chemical composition. Therefore, the strength of the ferrite, martensite and austenitic stainless steel is different because of ...

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Reasons and preventive measures for magnetic properties of austenitic stainless steel in cold processing

It is well known that the vast majority of stainless steel materials are suitable for cold forming. Austenitic stainless steel itself is not magnetic, but cold processed austenitic stainless steel will have strong magnetic properties, especially those made of austenitic ...

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Surface defects and preventive measures of stainless steel plates

In the use of stainless steel plate, in order to ensure that the results meet the requirements, need to pay attention to board surface defects may occur, such as small crack, crack, crack, edge peak shaped inclusions and scabs all ...

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Characteristics and applications of hot rolled stainless steel plate

Although the conventional hot rolling stainless steel plate surface quality is poor, but in fact only for surface oxidation and finish low, other performance is good, such as plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength were higher, to corrosion of acid and ...

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The principle and influence factors of high temperature discoloration on the surface of stainless steel plate

The oxide film on stainless steel plate is actually a five color transparent film. Its color change is influenced by the interference principle of light. What color does it appear in the light interference, mainly caused by the thickness change ...

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How to improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel plate in non oxidizing environment

Because the passivation of the stainless steel plate occurs in the oxidizing medium, the corrosion resistance in the general sense refers to the corrosion resistance of the oxidizing medium. While in the non oxidative acid environment, such as sulfuric acid ...

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Two methods of alkali leaching on the surface of stainless steel plate

The removal of the surface oxide of stainless steel plate is to soak the material in alkaline molten salt or solution, which is called alkaline leaching, and alkali leaching is divided into two types: molten salt and solution alkali leaching. ...

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Composition of surface oxidation skin of stainless steel plate

The deformation resistance of the stainless steel plate is very high. It is very easy to stick to the mould when drawing the stainless steel plate, which leads to the scratch on the stainless steel plate. In order to ensure ...

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Advantages and disadvantages of adding titanium in austenitic stainless steel

When chromium – nickel austenitic stainless steel is heated to the temperature range of 450-800 C, corrosion often occurs along the grain boundary, which is called intergranular corrosion. Generally speaking, intergranular corrosion is actually carbon element precipitated from Cr23C6 in ...

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What are the difficulties in the welding process of the duplex stainless steel 2205

There are some technological difficulties in the actual welding of duplex stainless steel 2205, but in fact, if we grasp 2205 of the related material characteristics, many problems will be solved when welding is processed. Here are the following aspects. ...

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