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Stainless Steel Pipe Yaang: Types To Be Aware Of

Stainless Steel Pipe Yaang: Types To Be Aware Of

Stainless steel pipe is the perfect solution if you’re looking for material that is resistant to oxidation and is low maintenance. Also when this material comes into contact with other metals, there is no effect on either component.

Stainless Steel is the perfect choice for our busy ship channel as it works well for shipping vessels and convenient due to location. Stainless steel pipe can also be used in countless other applications as is discussed below. Types broken down per industry: stainless steel pipe Yaang.

A Brief Overview

To be honest, knowing what to buy is a bit more complicated than just knowing what the end use will be. First, know that this material is classified by grade and type. Grade can be adjusted by overall strength, heat resistance, and additives that are used in the material, such as molybdenum or nickel. 304 stainless steel pipe is the most commonly used pipe due to its chemicals and corrosion resistance.

304, however, doesn’t work well with temperatures 800 degrees+ Fahrenheit because of carbide precipitation. Type 304L fixes this problem with its lower levels of carbon. This material is used in higher temperature environments and is perfect for welding.

Perfect for Corrosion and High Pressure

If corrosion is your biggest challenge, then ferritic or martensic products with high levels of chromium will be your best choice. Austentitic stainless steel pipe has a higher level of nickel and chromium that can offer even more resistance.

This piping type is either made from a nickel/chromium combo or from solid chromium. This material is great for corrosive or high temperature environments. Seamless and welded ferretic and austentic pipe are two great examples.

Hydraulic Line Tubing

Hydraulic line tubing is used for hydraulic systems and fuel lines, tending to be smaller in diameter. This type can be made from the 304 and 304L piping types discussed above. It’s effective in these applications due to its high strength and corrosion resistance.

Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubing

Without proper sanitation, drinking water as we know it would not be safe to drink. The great thing about stainless steel is that it won’t rust. It resists corrosion and best part is it’s easy to clean.

Mechanical Steel Tubing

Stainless steel can be found in many implementations including bearings, cylinders, and other formed parts that are similar. A variety of cross-sectional shapes including round tubing can be created.

Knowing the requirements for your project first is key to a successful project, whether you need stainless steel pipe or any type of material. Be sure to carefully plan your projects from day one so that you do not waste time or money. If you need stainless steel pipe in Yaang, give us a call at 713-434-8900 or visit our site: https://www.yaang.com.

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