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Square Steel Tube details

Square Steel Tube details

Square steel tube comes in different sizes, specifications and wall thicknesses. Its uniformity makes it predictable to use and visually appealing. It has a high weight-to-strength ratio. It’s easy to bend, and because square steel tubing is inexpensive, it’s cost-effective- even for large projects.


Square hollow section, rectangle hollow section

Steel tube is easily recyclable. Many projects take advantage of square steel tubing, including all types of buildings, highway guardrails and signage, support columns, trusses, bridges, heavy equipment, storage systems, and exercise equipment.
A wide range of dimensions, when combined with the appropriate steel grade, ensure that the functionality and cost-efficiency of your structure can be optimised.


  • Framework structures for buildings
  • Bridge structures
  • Railings
  • Framework structures for machinery
  • Framework structures for transportation vehicles

Steel Grade:

  • Q235, Q345, S235JR, S275JR, SS4007
  • Rectangular S355J2H and other hollow sections made by EN 10219 PDF

Strength class or steel grade symbol

PN-EN 10219-1/2 S235JRH S275J0H S275J2H S355J0H S355J2H S355K2H
PN-EN 10219-1/2 S235JRH S275J0H S275J2H S355J0H S355J2H S355K2H
PN-EN 10219-1/2 S275NH S275NLH S355NH S355NLH S460NH S460NLH
PN-EN 10219-1/2 S275MH S275MLH S355NH S355MLH S460MH S460MLH


  • GB700-88
  • EN10219
  • JIS G3101
  • BS EN 10219:199

Surface Finish:

  • hot dipped galvanized, electro galvanized, black

Note: A: with, T: wall thickness

Nominal Size

The Steel Tube Institute of North America specifies the measurement of square tubing by its outside width. For example, a tube with 2-inch wide sides calls out as 2 by 2 inches. Sizes range from 1-1/4 by 1-1/4 inch to 32 by 32 inch. From 1-1/4 inches to 2-1/2 inches, the sizing varies by a quarter-inch. For 2-1/2 to 5-1/2 inches, the sizing varies by a half-inch. Above that, the tubing only comes sized to every whole inch.

Wall Thickness

Square steel tube wall thickness ranges from 1/8 inch, also known as 11 gauge, to 5/8-inch thick. The thicker walls only come in larger sizes. For example, while 6 by 6 inch steel tubing comes in both 5/8 and 1/2 inch thickness, 5-1/2 by 5-1/2 does not.

PDFView the PDF catalogue of SHS (Square Hollow Section) Size range 

Weight Per Foot

The weight-per-foot specification varies based on the wall thickness and nominal size. The Steel Institute of North America claims that using square steel tubing over other steel structures saves weight. Weight savings provides cost savings during transport to the job site.

Engineering Specifications

Standardized engineering specifications exist for square steel tubing. These include: torsional shear constant of cross-section, moment of inertia of cross-section, torsional stiffness constant of cross-section, governing radius of gyration, elastic section modulus and plastic section modulus. Some of these specifications are for both X-X and Y-Y axes. For exact specification for each nominal size and wall thickness, see the resources.

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