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Specification and application of stainless steel angle bar

Stainless steel angle bar is a kind of strip steel with vertical angle on both sides. It can be divided into two kinds: equal side stainless steel angle bar and non equal side stainless steel angle bar. The width of the two sides of the former corner is the same.
The stainless steel angle bar can form various force components according to the different needs of the whole structure, and can also be used as the connecting parts among the components. angle bar is simply section non shaped steel. It has good solderability, plastic deformation performance and mechanical strength when used, and the delivery status of finished stainless steel angle bar is hot rolling, normalizing or hot rolling. Its applications are metal components and building frames. The main applications are building structures and engineering structures, such as transmission towers, beams, bridges, ships, industrial furnaces and shelves.
The material specification of stainless steel angle can be expressed in terms of the width of the edge, the width of the edge, the thickness of the sides and the number of the models. The model here refers to the centimeter of the side width. Because the type does not represent the different sides and sizes of the same type, so we should fill in the width and side thickness of the stainless steel angle on the contract documents, not by the model alone.
At present domestic stainless steel Angle steel specification is 2-20, use the centimeter number of side length as the number, the angle bar of the same number often has 2-7 different sides thick. The imported stainless steel angle bar is usually marked on both sides of the actual size and edge thickness and mark the relevant standards. Usually, the side length is larger than 12.5cm, which is a large stainless steel angle bar. The side length range is 5cm -12.5cm, which is a medium-sized stainless steel angle bar, and the side length is smaller than 5cm, which is a small stainless steel angle bar.
The import and export of stainless steel angle orders generally is applied to the required specifications, the corresponding steel to stainless steel. So in addition to stainless steel angle specification number, no specific components and properties of a series of instructions.
The appearance quality requirements of stainless steel angle bar are stipulated in the surface quality standard, that is, there are no defects which are harmful to use, such as cracks, lamination and scarring.
Source: China Stainless Steel Angle Bar Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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