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The special process and performance of the pipe reducers

Pipe reducers are tube fittings that are widely used in a number of industries in order to providing greatest connection flexibility in connecting fractional tubes in various installations. Pipe reducer is a kind of pipe fitting that joins two pipes of different diameter. The pipe reducers are available in a range of materials depending on the end use of the products and these fittings are manufactured in inch and metric size.

Pipe reducers allow for a change in pipe size to meet hydraulic flow requirements of the system, or to adapt to existing piping of a different size. Reducers are usually concentric but eccentric reducers are used when required to maintain the same top-or bottom-of-pipe level.

Pipe reducers of molding process is complicated, need according to the use of the different material and welding, gradually forming under the certain pressure. Push system bend forming shall be carried out according to certain procedure, strictly abide by the corresponding process flow, or produce the elbow push system can produce quality problem. Pipe reducers forming technology of the basic process is: first, welding a cross section of a polygon or both ends closed multi multi ring shell fan shell, after the internal filled with medium pressure, with inner pressure and internal pressure under the action of cross section of polygonal gradually became round, and eventually become a circular ring shell.

According to the need of a circular ring shell can be cut into four 90 – degree bend or six 60 degrees bend or other specifications elbow, diameter and in the process is suitable for manufacturing elbow bend diameter than any specifications Pipe reducers is greater than 1.5, is the ideal method of manufacturing Pipe reducers. This process molding method used in the production of different bend, show good use value in different areas, the process in the different Angle to make good value.

Pipe reducers general carbon content is higher in carbon steel, the greater the hardness, the higher the strength also, but low plasticity. Mainly refers to the mechanical properties depend on the carbon content in steel, and generally do not add a lot of alloy element in steel, sometimes referred to as the carbon steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel or carbon steel, carbon content WC is less than 2% of the iron carbon alloy. Except carbon usually contains a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus can according to the use of carbon steel three classes of carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel and easy cutting steel, carbon structural steel is divided into building structural steel and machine manufacturing structural steel two kinds;

According to the steel can be divided into the open hearth furnace, converter steel smelting method and electric steel;

According to the deoxidization methods can be divided into rimming steel, killed steel, half killed steel and special killed steel;

According to carbon content can be divided into low carbon steel to carbon steel, medium carbon steel and high carbon steel. According to the phosphorus, sulfur content can be divided into ordinary carbon steel to carbon steel, quality carbon steel and high quality steel and super high quality steel.

The advantages of Pipe reducers manufacturing mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1, the billet for tablet or developable surface, thereby blanking is simple, easy to guarantee accuracy, convenient assembly welding.

2, does not need tube billet as raw material, can cut down the cost of pipe equipment and mould, and can get any big diameter and wall thickness is relatively thin carbon steel elbow.

3, because do not need any special equipment, especially suitable for processing large carbon steel elbow in site.

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