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Southern Africa oil and gas market 2015 – 2025

Visiongain has calculated that the southern African oil and gas market will see capex of US$18.55 billion in 2015, including spending on both upstream exploration and development (E&D) and midstream infrastructure.

Southern Africa is the single largest region of Africa, a region that includes a diverse range of economies all at varying stages in terms of oil and gas industry development. OPEC member Angola and newcomer Namibia on the west coast are set to increase oil and gas production over the coming years with the continuing exploitation of pre-salt reserves. Mozambique and Tanzania are set to rapidly increase gas production to cater for burgeoning domestic and regional demand for gas-to-power facilities, as well as a desire to supply the resource-hungry economies of southern Asia via LNG exports. South Africa is looking to expand its offshore operations, boosted by successes off its western coast, as well as hoping to expand onshore shale gas development in the Karoo Basin to supply the needs of the region’s economies. Lastly, Madagascar is set to become one of the world’s most exciting emerging oil producers, and is currently vying for foreign capital along with other countries in the region to develop its large onshore, heavy oil and oil sands reserves over the coming decade.

The report will answer questions such as:

  • What are the prospects for upstream oil and gas markets in southern Africa?
  • What are the prospects for midstream oil and gas markets in southern Africa?
  • How are oil prices affecting the southern African oil and gas market?
  • Who are the leading companies in southern Africa?
  • Which southern African countries are currently attracting the most upstream and midstream spending and how will this change over the coming decade?

What does the report offer?

  • Over 280 pages of analysis, including 153 charts and tables, which provide the perfect accompaniment to high-end business presentations.
  • Details on upstream exploration and development activity across 226 active license blocks in the region.
  • Information on 24 current and future midstream projects.
  • Up-to-date oil price forecasting and analysis.
  • Sections on economy and energy sector development by country.
  • Sections on political risk analysis by country.
  • In-depth interviews with industry experts, providing exclusive insights into oil and gas developments across the region.

The report provides forecasts and analyses for the main categories of oil and gas upstream and midstream spending in southern Africa


  • Geophysical studies.
  • 2D studies.
  • 3D studies.
  • Onshore wells.
  • Offshore wells and subsea development.
  • Floating production systems (FPS).
  • Midstream

    • Pipelines.
    • LNG facilities.
    • GTL facilities.
    • Refineries.
    • Storage.

    The above upstream and midstream submarkets and spending categories are broken down for the six largest national markets in southern Africa

    • Angola.
    • Madagascar.
    • Mozambique.
    • Namibia.
    • South Africa.
    • Tanzania.
    • ‘Rest of southern Africa’ (Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe).

    The analysis is also underpinned by our exclusive interviews with leading experts

    • James Baban, Managing Director of Tanzania Ltd.
    • Dr. David Mestres Ridge, CEO of Swala Energy.

    Comprehensive accompanying analysis on each country

    • Economy and energy sector development.
    • Political risk analysis.

    Who should read this report?

    • Companies currently investing in, or thinking of investing in, any southern African countries.
    • Anyone within the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry.
    • CEOs.
    • COOs.
    • CIOs.
    • Business development managers.
    • Marketing managers.
    • Suppliers.
    • Investors.
    • Contractors.
    • Government agencies.
    • Onshore/offshore drilling engineers.
    • Geologists. 


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