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Sour service Line Pipe

Sour service Line Pipe


Sour Resistance Line Pipe series are able
to used in the environment containing H2S, CO2, H2S+CO2 and chlorine ion and
other corrosion medium. This type of acid resistance line pipe have a higher
performance requirements than normal type of line pipe. It has good anti
corrosion ability, mechanical performance, hardness, break toughness, fatigue
resistance, weld nature, crack prevention ability. Therefore, it not only can be
used as the land transmission pipe line, but also as the sea bed transmission
pipe lines.

The Acid Resistance Line Pipe are produced from the purified steel, it have
very low sulphur, phosphor. The acid resistance line pipe have effectively
controlled the residual elements the Cr, Mo, Ni and other alloy elements content
are added in the steel to guarantee the toughness of the steel while improving
the quench penetrating characteristics and other performances. The control to
the crack sensitivity coefficient and carbon equivalent have been controlled
strongly for this pipe, so as to prevent the occurrence of the welding cold
cracks, therefore it have very good welding ability.

Standard API Spec 5L IPS-M-PI-190, ISO 3183-3, NACE MR0175
Sour service BNS, X42NS, X52NX, X52QS, X56NS, X60QS, X65QS, X70QS
Offshore service BNO, X42NO, X52NO, X52QO, X56NO, X60QO, X65QO, X70QO
HS Series HSL245S, HSL290S, HSL360S, HSL415S, HSL450S, HSL485S
BNS Series BNS X42NS, X46NS, X52QS, X60QS, X65QS, X70QS
Thickness 1 mm – 120 mm
Outer Diameter 10 mm – 1016 mm
Place of Origin China
Application Acid resistance pipeline, Sour Service
Test Method HIC test(NACE TM 0284-2003), SSC test(NACE TM 0117-2005)
End type PE, BE
Packing In bundles as per API standard

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