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How to solve the leakage of large flange

Large flange in use process due to the large flange connection when improperly or use time is too long, leak, appear this kind of circumstance the user need not worry. First look at the leak site, minimal in leak position due to the large flange clearance can’t be eliminated by injecting sealant clearance leakage. The construction method of sealing according to leak the field survey, for the realization of the limited block, by using fixed fixture tolerance leak to form a sealed chamber, injecting sealants, to eliminate leakage. Side of the clamp are made of, fixture first to satisfy large flange leak inclusive and build body large flange and pipe between the large flange connection sub large flange seal chamber as the first point. To prevent from pressure-out potential leak valve body and the large flange clearance appears to leak, the fixture and the large flange anastomotic set to the outer ring cavity injection glue. Because of the large diameter flange in the process of injection agent fixture is easy to trail large flange lateral displacement, the limit of the tooth contact card is adopted tightening measures. When operating sealant after curing, after effect observation, local injection pressure, prevent stress relaxation, closed agent injection hole again.

The large flange to note:

Large flange in the production and use of technical requirements and technical parameters, according to certain ways and methods of production and processing: hebei large flange

1. The large flange should be along the direction of steel rolling cut into strips, the bending welded into a circular ring, and to form the surface of the steel ring cylinder. When in the production of large flange shall not adopt steel machined directly into a large neck flange, adoption of a certain craft production and processing.

2. The production of large flange plate should be via ultrasonic testing, with no defects, guarantee the good quality and performance problems, according to certain quality requirements of the production and inspection, ensure the quality of the production and use of the steel plate no problem.

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