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How to Use Slip-On Flanges on a Steam Pipe

How to Use Slip-On Flanges on a Steam Pipe


A pipe flange is a type of pipe fitting, commonly used in plumbing
applications such as installing a toilet or sink. Pipe flanges connect steel
pipes to a valve choke or other equipment piece. Fitting the pipe flange to a
steel pipe is a relatively simple process to do, with the right equipment.

Select the flange size that is appropriate to the steel pipe. The fit needs
to be snug and not loose. The slip-on flange consists of a bored hole with a
diameter just slightly larger than the steel pipe.

Slip the flange over the end of the pipe base.

Thread the flange pins to tighten the flange’s grasp on the pipe. The pins
will keep the pipe securely in place inside the flange. There are usually six to
eight pins in place. Use a screwdriver to tighten the pins all the way.

Try to pull the pipe out of the flange to make sure that the pins are
efficiently tightened. If they aren’t, re-tighten them with the screwdriver.
Inspect the pins to make sure they are down all the way and that the pipe cannot
move inside the flange.

Use a hammer to slightly tap the flange in place. The flange face should be
flush with the end of the steel pipe.

Use a 12-inch wrench with 85 pounds force to tighten the pins. Apply 80 to 85
foot-per-pounds torque on the pins, or until the pin heads break off.

Lubricate the gasket of the pipe and stretch it over the pipe end, with the
beveled edge positioned in the field flange.

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