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Slip-on Flange Problems

Slip-on Flange Problems


A flange is a plate-like device used to construct a piping system; it
connects pipes, pumps, valves, and other gadgets. Flanges are typically screwed
on or welded. The slip-on flange is generally used in the petrochemical

Principle of a Flange
A flange works to maintain the seal created between
the flanges and gasket. It uses the force exerted by the bolts to counteract the
internal pressure when there is sufficient contact stress. Welding, threading or
weldless connections couple the flange to the pipe.

Standard attachment of slip-on flanges is unacceptable for
hygienic applications. Product can accumulate in the space between the two
internal-fillet welds. This makes cleaning and sterilization difficult.

High-Pressure Environments
Slip-on flanges are unsuitable for high
pressure or high-temperature uses, because of poor strength at the joint. They
do not handle extreme conditions, despite some flexibility with metal expansion
and contraction.

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