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Siemens wins order for Mulpic system from China Steel

China Steel Corporation (CSC, 中鋼), a Taiwanese steel producer, has ordered a Mulpic (multi-purpose interrupted cooling) system from Siemens Metals Technologies, according to a press release.

The intensive cooling line will be installed in the company’s existing plate rolling mill in Kaohsiung and is scheduled to be operational by June 2015. The Mulpic system facilitates direct quenching and will extend CSC’s product portfolio to include highly wear-resistant plates, Siemens said.

CSC was founded in 1971. With an annual production of around 10 million metric tons of crude steel, it is the largest steel producer in Taiwan. Around 65 percent of its steel products are sold in the domestic market. The company’s plate rolling mill has an annual capacity of some 1.1 million metric tons and until now has been equipped with an ACC (Accelerated Cooling) system. The new Mulpic system from Siemens can achieve significantly higher cooling rates, which enables the plates to be quenched directly. This will widen CSC’s product mix that in the future will include highly wear-resistant plates for offshore, shipbuilding and pressure vessel applications, Siemens said.

Siemens Taiwan President and CEO Erdal Elver said, “Siemens Metals Technologies has its strengths on steel production, casting, automation, environmental technologies and lifecycle services. By providing advanced technologies and solutions, Siemens is committed to assisting industrial customers in raising their productivity and paving the way for sustainability.”

Siemens will also supply the electrical and automation equipment for the Mulpic system. The cooling models for the existing ACC system will also be provided and integrated into the process models of Level 2 automation, said the company. Mulpic intensive cooling allows not only faster cooling during thermo-mechanical rolling, but also direct quenching of the plates. Advanced actuators are an integral part of the machine, according to Siemens.These ensure uniform properties along the plate length and across the plate width, and minimize the need for further processing.

The system ordered by CSC will increase the number of Mulpic systems installed worldwide since 2001 to 21, Siemens said.

Source – The Taipei Times

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