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Shanxi province introduces rule to curb water use for steel production

China’s central Shanxi province has introduced new rules curbing water use for steel, cement and aluminum production, in another blow to sectors reeling from government-enforced output cuts. The official Xinhua news agency citing Shanxi’s Development and Reform Commission said that under the new policy, producers of steel, cement and aluminum which exceed mandatory water usage standards will have to pay incremental levies.

The levies, which came into effect last Friday, range from doubling the cost of water if usage exceeds standards by less than 20%, to five times the cost and the potential cutting off of water supply in cases where usage standards are exceeded by more than 60%.

China has ordered steel and aluminum producers in 28 cities to slash output during winter as part of the country’s war against winter smog.

Coal-rich Shanxi has vowed to cut its hazardous pollutant PM 2.5 concentration by 40%from October to March.
Source : REUTERS
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