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Selection and analysis of stainless steel fasteners

There are many available to make the fasteners material, which are made of stainless steel fasteners not only the appearance of texture better, higher strength and better corrosion resistance, which can also better machining and welding, and stainless steel fasteners can be electroplated or heat treatment, in order to obtain higher performance, in addition to be 100% recycled use.
In the selection of the type of timber fasteners stainless steel, stainless steel is not a magnetic model can’t be judged as the material performance level of reference, because of the many types of stainless steel materials, stainless steel is actually not part of Cr Mn magnetic, but this kind of stainless steel and 300 austenitic stainless steel, the traditional non magnetic stainless steel performance is very large compared to the gap. So when judging the quality of stainless steel fasteners, need to distinguish between material types.
In addition, the magnetic properties of stainless steel are not static. For example, the austenitic stainless steel itself, which is magnetically free, may produce some magnetism after being processed by some processes, but this austenitic stainless steel can also be used to make stainless steel fasteners with high quality.
Ordinary stainless steel fasteners can be used in most of the daily working environment, but in some high temperature and high corrosive environments, special attention should be paid to stainless steel fasteners for stainless steel material selection.
In addition, the use of nickel in stainless steel fasteners is also a matter of concern. In the past, when stainless steel was selected for fasteners, the performance of stainless steel was heavily dependent on nickel. However, with the rising nickel price, the price of stainless steel was also high, which also affected the price of stainless steel fasteners. Therefore, in order to save production costs, stainless steel fasteners manufacturers actively seek alternatives to nickel in stainless steel, and also consider that they will not affect the performance of stainless steel fasteners.
To sum up, the selection of stainless steel fasteners is a comprehensive consideration. We should seek a balance in the relatively expensive stainless steel prices and performance, which is not only conducive to the production enterprises, but also conducive to users.
Source: China Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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