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Saudi official criticizes US anti dumping duties on steel pipes

KUNA cited Mr Feras Abal Khail spokesman of the Saudi Export Development Authority as saying that the US imposition of anti-dumping and countervailing duties on Saudi steel pipes exports will weaken the competitive edge of the Saudi products on the US markets. The US move will result in a direct rise in the customs tariffs on the Saudi steel pipes exports to the US.

Mr Abal Khail affirmed that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia works constantly to protect its interests whether on the bilateral level or the multi-lateral one through the World Trade Organization. Investigations are underway in the US to verify whether the new duties are in consistency with the US laws and the WTO regulations.

He said that “The WTO regulations entitle a member state of the organization the right to adopt precautionary measures to protect their respective markets in case of suspicion about possible dumping or unfair subsidies from governments to the exports.”

Mr Abal Khail said that “SEDA, as representative of the Saudi Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Saudi mission to the Geneva based WTO are in contact with the US side to resolve this problem.”

Source – KUNA


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