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Russian CGO electrical sheets price soar by USD 400 in Turkey

According to a source, Russian conventional grain oriented electrical sheets for Turkey seem to have been contracted at an increase in price largely by USD 400 per tonne for shipments of October to December.

In the world of grain oriented electrical sheets, prices of high grade ones have risen since the beginning of this year, and they rose by USD 300 in India, $200 in the Middle Eastern region and USD 100 to USD 200 in the USA and Europe.

It is because high quality-oriented attitude to products is growing and demand for GO sheets to high grades instead of general use products is increasing worldwide. In case of the Japanese mills, their rolling schedule of high grade products is almost full with contracts for shipments of July December with major heavy electrical machinery manufacturers in the USA, Europe and so on.

CGO electrical sheets of general use products had been left behind but currently, a large increase in price of them becomes evident in the case of Turkey. Turkey along with Saudi Arabia is a producing country of small-sized switchboards.

Global manufacturers like ABB have even made inroads into that country. As global manufacturers based in that country purchase Japanese products through a central purchasing system by their headquarters in the USA or Europe, they will never be in short supply of GO electrical sheets to high grades.

The question is small and medium-sized manufacturers of transformers. As they are unable to get high grade ones, they are seen to have had no choice but to have launched purchase of CGO electrical sheets of general use products and concluded contracts with Russian mills.

Even prices of general use products were supposed to rise by USD 200 or so in the H1 of the year and if so, those prices are to have risen by USD 600 this year. In the world of GO electrical sheets, prices of all grade products from high quantity ones to general use ones are to have risen.

Prices of general use products are also rising in China. Baoshan Iron & Steel of China raised its domestic prices of general use ones by CNY 300 for September shipment for the first time. Until then, the company had given priority to a price increase of high-grade ones and continuously raised prices of high-grade ones by CNY 300 in total for shipments of June-September. Wuhan Iron & Steel also took a step to raise prices of general use ones by CNY 220 for September shipment.

Some Japanese mill is proceeding with negotiations on GO electrical sheets for China for shipment of the next quarter. Partly due to focusing on prices as its supply quantity is limited, customers’ bid prices seem to be raised by more than USD 100. Besides China, the company is said to have replied an increase in price by USD 400 against inquiries from Middle East and so on.

Source – TEX Report

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