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Reasons and solutions for the locking of stainless steel fasteners

When fastening parts are used, the stainless steel fasteners will sometimes be locked. However, if the carbon steel fasteners are used, the locking is seldom seen. An important reason is that the stainless steel is soft and the carbon steel fasteners are relatively stiff. Stainless steel materials have good ductility, but there are some differences between hardness and carbon steel.

Is there any other reason for that?
In fact, it is because the stainless steel material has good corrosion and corrosion resistance. When its surface is damaged, a thin and dense chromium oxide layer will form on the surface to prevent corrosion from developing to a deeper level. When the stainless steel fastener is locked, the pressure and heat between the teeth will destroy and wipe out the chromium oxide layer on the surface of the material, resulting in the direct blocking or shearing of the teeth and forming adhesion.
When the sticky situation persists, the stainless steel fastener will be locked directly and completely, and it can no longer be unloaded or locked. This series of continuous movements of blocking, shear, adhesion, and lock death can be done in a very short few seconds. Avoid the stainless steel fasteners have locked the best properties of stainless steel products first and follow the correct operation of the corresponding procedures so I want to.
About 304 or 316 stainless steel like materials have good ductility and viscosity, it can be clearly seen in the turning process, such as the 304/316 bar in the car when processing chip it is folded extrusion, and other materials such as brass or iron in the turning process for Clastic debris removal shaped or filamentous.
If the use of electric tools in or out when the stainless steel screws and nuts under high torque when the thread contact begins to heat, a point of contact adhesion so as to bring up a large, then the internal thread and external thread bonding formed together locked at the bolt group is scrapped, and even may be installed so that the whole work have become bad.
The effective way to reduce or avoid the locking of stainless steel screws is the corresponding method in the process of installation and application. The protection of thread is controlled in semi-finished products, rubbing teeth and finished product transportation packages. No matter whether users use electric tools or overload torque or stainless steel screws and nylon lock nuts, they will not lock. They are exactly the same as carbon steel fasteners.
This can reduce the loss to the lowest or even completely without changing the installation tools and installation methods in the process of use. In fact, the cost of this kind of stainless steel screw anti lock solution is controllable and cheap, it will only increase a small amount of extra cost or even optimize, and no additional cost will be needed.
Source: China Stainless Steel Fasteners Manufacturer – Yaang Pipe Industry Co., Limited (www.yaang.com)

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